Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Start of a New Day...

Havent been blogging for quite a bit over the past few weeks. Been either running around, sittin way too long, and then running around again...

>>My apologies to all for the delayed devotion<<

So anyways, i can pretty much say A LOT has changed in my life...
Maybe even more!!

Here's a summary, so that i dun bore yall to death readin my long crap:
1. Got into a huge fight with her..
2. Broke up on 08.08.08
3. Havent been eating at all *Went on 2 days without any food*
4. Started Fagging...
5. Got drunk
6. Knowing that my true peeps are always there for me
7. Beginning to get back to LIFE
8. Started eating like 2 meals a day *improvements*
9. Started smiling again
10. Got back my life in me
11. Starting to crap again
12. Started going out...
13. Met someone special... >>>I totally enjoyed the date<<<
14. Quit Fagging and Drinking
15. 28.08.08 A date to remember.....
16. I am...... WHO I AM....

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