Monday, September 1, 2008

A day out with dC...

Today began as how it begins everyday...
Everything was dull, lame and pretty much lifeless...
But when i left the house, i could literally say that all hell broke lose!!!
Rite now at the end of the day, i wish i stayed home! haha

Today was D-day. Am really getting worried if this were to be a habbit..hahhaha..
Went to midvalley, did seriously heavy shopping...
and to think that the total sum almost reached RM700!!!
So here's the list of wad i got:
1. Jeans
2. Shirt
3. Polo Shirt
4. Board Shorts
(in case i go to the beach one of these weeks la XP)
(the one n only thing i needed desperately!!)

But the thing that got me proud of is me SHOES!! hehe

*CLap claP CLap*

In a totally different event, i had super fun laz nite...
Was chatting with my baby on the phone for like to 3 hours nonstop-ing!
Tho the line was seriously repetitively getting cut coz of that LOUSY phone of mine...
But lucky my baby's being very patient with it n also with the IRRITATING me la..
Talked till the wee hours of the morning... got hyped out till i cudnt sleep!
Owh here's a pic of her...
Let me introduce to yall, Miss Jessica Ann Selvadurai!!!

Stole this pic from her friendster.... haha!! ShhHhH!!!
She spins my world around
She's my caffeine
She's the one...

Owh and look wad she did today....

Thanx baby!! totally Love it!!


jazz said...

im very patient when it comes 2 sayang =)

vic said...

good to see you back on track, dude! :)
all the best from now on!