Thursday, December 17, 2009

When you're dreaming with a broken heart....

You won't know the way I feel.
The way u hurt me.
But it's alrite...

Call me immature,
Call me out of nature,
But I know me,
and I know thee...

I took a huge blow tonite,
I felt my lungs swells and grew tite,
I cant breathe nor could I move,
The anger and rage in me i let not out but in,
To keep the worst from happening.
To keep the worst in me, in me....

I cant go to sleep,
I choose not to..
But eventually I will..
I fear the dreams to come..
The dreams of you,
Because of a broken heart, I dream..
The hardest part, is waking up...

It's jus so typical of you to take everything so seriously... I was jus saying what my heart wants to say. It beats to a different rythnm. To a different way. Doesnt mean it doesnt beats for you any longer. I am unsure of it's feelings. Doesnt mean I'm getting rid of it. Doesnt mean I am letting go...

And you're already asking for a time apart from us in the next minute... I can do nothing but to obliged. But soon after, in the next minute, u call.. but to say you cant talk to me for a while. That you need to make some decisions for your own and that my presense near you would be nothing but a distracting figure. As respectful as i may be, I accepted the fact with a much shattered and broken heart... I left you alone.

But when nite comes, you send me a text saying you need me. Knowing that u were in such condition, i lay out my hand in hopes that u would take mine in yours willingly. And so you did. But this time, you wanted to spend more time together for christmas as we talked on and as the conversation advanced in it's course. At this point, I am nothing more but a confuse soul...

The worst is yet to come... It's like you havent gotten your satisfaction on how broken my heart is, yet you come around and break it into a million more pieces this time. You told me that u've met up with ur ex... Something I'm particularly not fond of to begin with. But still you go against your better judgement and did the sin. I hope you're happy with what you get outta it. For you have gotten me so numb. That i no longer feel my heart in trillions of pieces...

You called me this morning to tell me that i cannot be a part of your life at the moment because you are making huge life decisions for your own. But instead, you call upon your former glory to discuss your future. It seems to me, I shall remain the former one. and he shall take my place in your heart. Let it be just frens or me simply exagerating outta my immature heart and ways of thinking.... It came at a dead timing of our hour. And you shud have known the better path.

My ship is about to make it's last voyage. But it is still best to keep the anchor down for the winds are set imperfect for sailing and the waves, too strong to encounter. I shall stall a few days to look upon a brighter day. In which it is being clouded upon a dreaded sky of striking bolts and darkness scattered all around. I will wait. Until the heart makes a decision. I will wait.

This is my truth... Believe it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Heart Matters...

Havent been in here for ages...!!
Loads have changed and many more yet to come...
Shall I adapt or shud I be still and hold the current?
Only time will tell and the heart to choose

For the better or for worst,
that we will not know...
The "what if's" shall remain a mystery for internity.
For no one shall know the ending without going thru the hardest point in the story...

Will I regret the decisions made and the ones to come...
I wouldnt know..
But I pray, I will make the best one for me...
and for you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where did UNITY go??

-"You can see behind me is a big metal, which is the character of the Arabic language "Mim"
-In the english vocabulary, it can be said as "MM".
-In which in english is stands for "Malays"
-And which I can say that this university is 100% for Bumiputras.
-And which most of them consist of the malays.

-This university is NOT for the non-malays.

-What happen last year was I did a street demonstration protesting against the minister of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for his suggestion to open up UiTM to 10% of the non-malays in which it was an incorrect suggestion to be made at the incorrect time.
-The malays should have the special rights because basically the malays are the sons of the soil of this country and basically we are given this type of right because we have given up the citizenship of the non-malays; the chinese and the indians.
-And for that in exchange we get the privileges of - such as; education, scholars, loans from the banks and some land from the malay reserve."

- Luqman, Student Leader UiTM

Okie so that was a video i came across in facebook and honestly speaking after the entire ordeal of watching it, lets just say it wasnt a pleasant feeling. Then I began to think, after a milestone of 50+ years of independence, how are there still people of irrational and racist way of thinking? Of the many social problems that we encountered after decades of war between societies in this country, the number one problem that started it all still exist? You people should be ashame of yourselves.

So this "fellow malaysian" here is the leader of the student council in UiTM, lets assume he's speaking in representation of the students. The first ever thought that came in my mind was how in world did anyone with that kinda proficiency in english be too proud and overly exagerating the use of it on an international news station? I mean come on, the national language is undoubtedly Bahasa, but knock knock?? Aren't they cautious that the international standards of language dominantly serve to the english language. So if you cant talk, shut up!! Oh, if you people dont understand that, let me put it in your own language... Buat malu je ko rang ni. Baik duk diam diam yee...

My second thought on this was if he already noted the overall intake requirements for the university is for bumiputras; indigenous people of the Malay Archipelago. That also goes for the other ethnic group in this country, and one thing I dont get is the rest of his so called speech was mainly highlighted on the malays.

How can people still think about their own race these days when humanity are expanding their global works of connecting societies together. I believe I've always been a global kinda person, never had a problem mixing around with other people no matter their physical appearances or their racial background. But knowing that this problem still exist just pisses me off. If only I'd get the chance of to punch him in the face. If that was spoken from someone else's point of view, um... I mean some other race's point of view, we'd be in jail for life by now. Remember the case where the chinese dude rap about the racial tension on youtube?

So I'm going to highlight some of my very own views and also a debate from 2 individuals on the video posted. We've all been going to school together. There's no such thing as an all malay school around nor is there any main educational subjects that we should be divided in. So how and where the blooming hell did the people of UiTM come up with an idea of an all malay university?? What, the quota set by the government isnt enough to separate us all? What is the percentage there? A public university has the intake of 70% Bumiputras and the 25% goes to the chinese and the remains of that goes to the indians. Tell me, why do they need an additonal 100% admission for malays in a public university? Hasnt the malays already given too much chances? I feel that it is so much so that most of them are taking everything for granted and the majority of them simply think that they do not need to work as hard as we other races do to get the same privileges given back to us as services of the government. Although I do not intend that to the minorities who have worked their behinds off for a better opporutnity.

On a second note on that, we practice the term unity the moment we begin our educational phase and that is elimentary school. Well, there is a firm 80% of all kids are enrolled in a national schoolling system. That means, there is a strong 80% chance of us being used to the company of other races having to learn the customs and believe of different culture as we go along. So would somebody tell me now, why is the prople in charge tend to separate us again now by having a separate university for only one specific race? If you beg to differ on that and debate on the issue that there is other educational institutions with the same characteristics, and tend to use TAR college or UTAR as your argument, stop right there. It may be dominated by the chinese race Although both of the univeristies are semi-private or semi-government, however way you wanna put it, they do not have any quotas for student's admission. It all falls down to the choice of the applicants there which coincidentally seem popular among the chinese population. There are malays and indians there. There only aren't as much as there are in a public university. So saying that a private institution is boycott-ing the malays or the bumiputras is totally absurd.

I posted this video on my facebook and then I saw one of my malay friend's shout outs only minutes later, quote "When a malay person speaks about racial issues, it's considered Racist, but when the chinese or indian person speaks of it, it's called liberalism, a right act of democracy..." I.... didn't bother to have a second opinion. What can I say, sarcasm has it's way in bringing out the truth about things.

Although I may have another full load of mind to put in here, and the greed of placing more points on the matter may be overpowering me at the moment. I shall send my regards and leave you guys with a final thought. All this privileges that we aren't given, that's not what we're making an issue about, what's making things worst now is that these privileges that we aren't getting are growing and as much as it is being swept under the rug with our government's mode of ridiculous transparency. These issues aren't that hard to notice with everything out in open obviously seen with the naked eye.

Where did unity go? Maybe it's not even been found....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Penang Day 1

The moment is here peeps. Yes that's right. I'm finally on my holiday. And yes I know it's a lil too late for that. But all that hardwork and sleepless nites gotta pay off for at least a few days of fun. This time its once again, Penang. The state of FOOD! well, its that reason and oso the issue of the cash in my pocket. Since my budget only fits the cuti-cuti Malaysia package. I'll have that for the time being.

Took a bus up north yesterday and by the time we got here it was already late evening. Got to snuckum's crib ad settled down a lil, refresh and grab a lil dinner, left for a lil night life out in the island. There wasnt much on our schedule except the playing everthing by ear.

We fetched Denisa and Bri and the gang for the nite is complete. Headed to Queen's Bay and one after the other, decided to watch Surrogates. Hermm, let's just say it wasnt up to par on the action section. And how did the conflict resolve in a not so complicated way? It somehow reminds me of Eagle Eye. When all they have to do was to drive a stick thru a computer. Tho the ending in Surrogates was a lil too predictable, it was slightly much of a let down for it to be an anticipated film of 2009.

All in all, the highlight of the first nite out was the chilling by the beach. It would be perfect if the mosquitos and the rats were deducted from the equation. Anyhow, I'm already starting the process of revival especially after the dreaded months of non stop assignements and weekly rush for deadlines.

I feel that I'm finally feeling LIFE once more.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fool

Nothing really matters now.
When u've got everything at the palm of ur hands,
u'll see nothing
But when u've lost it all at once,
Then u start to realise you were only a fool holding the world at the palm of ur hand.
A fool who never really realizes the great things he posseses.
A fool who never appreciates...

A fool who is ME.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I did it for you...

Todays not the same as everyday
Its far from ordinary
The pain I endure, you're my cure
But my mistakes have led me
Far away from you

Mile by mile
Feelings I just cant reconcile
My hearts on a string, these broken wings
Who knew I'd be so fragile
Far away from you

You turn away
from all those things that I've been trying to say
And all those promises I shouldnt have made
I did it for you

I search my soul
And all these feelings that I cant control
Youre the one thing that can make me whole
I did it for you

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flashing for a cause...

HAve u ever seen a crowd of people who just went out there and flash to the world?
Well, not to give u guys the wrong impression or anything...
This is definitely for a GOOD CAUSE!!
Let it be for the sake of fun or just to be heard...
Here's wad im talking about....
A thing called... Flash Mob!!
Dont know wad i mean? Watch this...

Check this one out too...!!!

This one sounds familiar...

And from just plain dancin,
Here's some lyrics to the songs....
As the saying goes,
The best for Last...

Coz i like this one... :P

And just about now, im sure about 90% of u guys are wondering,
If its such the "IN" thing...
How come Malaysia tak da?
Think again....
Here's one from our very own DIGI
Well, i'll just let u guys watch and give ur own comments la...

I know....
Maybe in 10 years time...
Wawasan 2020.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As it says on my PM on msn...

Yes thats rite!!! I-am-FREEEEeeeeeee!!!

At least until June 1st that is... LOL!

So my last paper was on monday, the END of Semester 1 of Year 2. And so with a very light heart, i beg you goodbye miserable sem!!! And HeeeEeeEeEEEELLo0oo000Ooo HOLIDAY!!! Imma be getting up the bus tmr... On the way to meet sweet sweet loving arms wide open to greet me in PENANG baby!!! Yeah!!

So im gonna be staying there for about a week and I cant friggin wait!!! Aaargh... The crusing drives around the island, the freedom im gonna living, the BEACH, CLUBBING ofcoz, the sight seeing, the awesomeness FOOD, but the MOST of all.... Just YOU, ME and Penang...

So imma be heading off to the holiday of my life... But no worries coz imma be coming back with loadsa stories to fill you guys in. Well, note that i have loads of drafts to post and to post em i will when i get back. So be sure to look forward to it. Coz i definitely am!!

Till then... HOLI-awesomefull-DAY!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Study Fest!!!

As it says on my PM on Msn...

Moral was aite!! But Broadcasting's Next up! Paper 2 out of 5!!

Yep, yesterday was day 1 of my finals this sem... It was aite. Guess the office tend to start us off easy with Pendidikan Moral!! What a load man. Altho it was only a LAN paper which wont contribute nada to my CGPA, i have no idea y i paid so much attention to it... Stil wondering why..

And my reaction to the paper.. well, its a normal "ok la" difficulty. Dont wanna be full of confidence now coz i dont wanna jinx my chances here. Plus, it came to a shock to my whole class of the number of (senior) students who sat for the repeat paper. Bummer for them! And to think they sum up to almost a whole class. Must be a real "tough" subject..
After all, the classes thru out the sem werent always popular among the students and it wasnt even full to begin with. Im guessin we have soo0o0o much moral values instilled in us that we dont have to give a damn about attending class. LOL!

Well, after the paper, met up with snuckums coz she too had a paper... we're hoping for the best to score!!

We hit Jaya 33 after that... and believe it or not, it was the first time i was there. Yeah, i know i know.. its just 10 mins from my uni.. but hey! Never had the urge to go there. Well, didnt really walked all over. But i went to as far as subway. As in the fast food restaurant chain. Not literally the subway.

And for that i finally found a sole reason to go there more often. The sandwich buns there are nice!! Especially now that they're having a special everyday 24/7!! Okie, lets skip the whole advertising for subway moment and then snuckums just had to window shopping which eventually turned real shopping...

And at nite....

Well, lets not get there... :P

Ps Nothing happened. No worries mum!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its all about being mutually equal...

If you want a fren,
I'll be there...
If you want a tutor,
Come to me...
If you want a shoulder to lea on,
Find me rite beside you...
If you want to bug a person's soul,
See the grin on my face...
If you want help,
Reach out to my hand reaching out to you...
If you want a partner in life,
I'll be the part in your life...

But if you want an enemy,
Dont expect me to be there...

When we're talking about Love, only two other words comes rite next to it. One with seven letters and the other with 13...

I talking about the R-E-S-P-E-C-T and U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G.

If you aint got neither, you aint living the dream.

Monday, April 20, 2009

When we celebrate a 21st

First of all, a BIG Happy 21st Birthday to Joellyne!

Saturday nite fever is back!! and this time, it came back in style!!

It was certainly tiring preping up the hall and all the glitz and glamour for that nite. It was rush rush rush during the day. And come nite time, it was P-A-R-T-A-Y!!! The chickies were all dressed to kill, and the pimps were ready to mingle... LOL!

The flowers, the booze, the dresses, the food, Lights, Camera and THE EVENT of the year!! It was d-partay she'll definitely remember for the rest of her life...

Went in the morning to prep up the hall, helped with the flowers and the sound system as they were testing it out. The hall was already surrounded with speakers and its own console system, little did i know the mixers and gigantor sub wolfers were on its way. Plus, throw in a deejay and a couple of emcees for the event, whala!! u've got our very own private party in a club rite there!! Oh... not forgetting the red carpet!! Filled with rose petals to formalize the event.

Left in the afternoon for home turning almost black, covered with dust and sweat while the birthday girl went to the salon and did her hair... Got home only had enuf time to change and have a desperately needed shower and worst of all... aint got nothing to wear. So i went with my natural instint and put on some rojak stuff. You know us guys... no matter the event, we need not go thru hundreds of fittings to find the rite one. LOL!

The theme for the nite, The Movie Premiere!! Started at 7pm but put it in the malaysian context it started at 8pm. Well, at least the cocktail started on time. Which is the advantage of being on time!! When the time came, the main attraction of the nite walked the red carpet, with camera lights flashing and us at the sidelines ready to greet her in.

The first part of the of the nite was pretty formal. Had a round of speeches, a few slide shows, accompanied by a live unplungged performance. Not forgeting SOME of us were already drunk during dinner. but it all turned out well at the end. And before it came to the end of that part of the nite, i remember her dad saying; "Send ur parents home and we'll crank up the dance floor". And that we did..... Lmao!

The after partay was the main event when all the booze came out and about. The varieties... just makes me wanna go "oh la la.." all over again. Everyone turned "frenly". The hot-african-mamas really got jiggy with it on the floor. And once u got pulled in on the floor, there's no way out... It was no pool party... it was better. :P

What a way to celebrate a 21st....

It was all great. But if you were there, it would be a perfect nite. Muaks!

Next up... the PICKIES!! will update on that later..
As for now.. Gotta head back to studying....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Creating, Maintaining, and Updating...

Been spending some much needed "quality time" with my PC today...

Much i have done, and much more left to be done here. It seems as tho everything needs to be on a constant update these days. Microsoft Windows are even checking and validating softwares as we run updates. I wasnt even sure i got the original pack, but it seems fine so far. And im wondering why in the bloody high heavens am i required to restart and reboot my PC after every single update?

One can spend hours, even a whole day plus, with the speed of my PC, AGES to get this done!! What prompt me to even giving a damn about this, was trying to install this particular software from Adobe. Post instalation brought a massive hassle hence made my day the way it was.

This blue screen poped outta nowhere telling me there is an error and asking me a reboot is required. This was the many hundredth time this irritating process poped out. In the end i ended up updating and installing my windows system all over and a few other updates required. Not forgeting my antivirus!

Soon after i realize, I need more space in my computer coz after installing all those crap, i was only left with 1.something GB of space.. WTF?! Now not only do i have loadsa more updating to do, but i've got to go get a new hard drive (preferably 120GB and above; for my games la!) and run a thorough disk cleanup. Feeling the mental stress alrredy!

Good news is Pikom fair is this weekend!! Wo0ts! Its a sign i tell you!! ITS A SIGN!
Bad news is i've gotta spend my cash! shisit!!

So next up on my list to get are:
- Get new Hard Drive
- Get Original Antivirus software
- Get latest versions of Adobe softwares; Illustrator, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
- Get portable Hard Drive (Optional)

Aaaaah... I can see an empty bank account alreay! :'(

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1.... 2....1,2,3,4!!

There's only ONE thing
TWO do
THREE words
FOUR you...

There's only ONE way
TWO say
THREE words
That's what i'll do...


-Daniel & Jessica-
Saw each other during May orientation 2008
Only spoke to each other during Talent Night that same year...


Saturday, April 4, 2009

The UNordinary Day...

In total speechless mode

A dedication to a Happy Heart...
Today made memories!!


Friday, April 3, 2009


Picture this: all week long you dont get a full nite's sleep, and when u finally get to just toss and turn n mess up ur sheets in the morning with no where to rush off to, u get...

*Ring Ring Ring*

Me: Hello?
Caller: Sayang... the bar list is out!
Me: Yeah? So?
Caller: Baby, i got barred for maths!!!!!
Me: WHAT?!!!! *Speechless!*
Caller: Sayang... April Fool!!!
Me: Shit the fella!!

That was the start of a very very "interesting" april fools... compliments of Snuckums!

Already so blurr nicely kena proply! The best part of it was i totally forgot it was April fools!! So the day went on as usual... I was late for a meeting, got piss running after the bus, the sun was too damn hot, n my stomach's like an empty vassel!

Met up with snuckums for lunch. Havent tried oldtown kopitiam for quite sometime now, us going back there proved and kinda explained the why. LOL! Later, we hit secret recipe coz snuckums was yearning for her choc mudcake there. It was all fine till we were out again in the sun!

Went to paul's for a the meeting which i was already a few hours late... But all is well since i found out that i wudnt be of use even if i went on time. The best part was when after leaving for lunch, Jimmy had a lil inconvenience finding a toilet..

Me n helen were LOL in the car, literally!! The desperation of a usable toilet got him confuse between a Volvo, a Merc and a Benz! LOL! The best of the best part was when our car was stuck at the traffic light. Jimmy cudnt even sit up rite, he had to sit sideways to stop the crap from coming out! Lucky thing he held it in... It was pure entertainment rite there man!

Famous lines from jimmy that day:

"Wakaka!! Wakaka!!"
"Bang the bloody benz, volvo, Merc wateva!!"
"Shit the stupid kancil"
"Shit wei have to run to the toilet d!! But cannot run.. later people think im damn desperate!! Must walk slowly, cannot show im rushing to the toilet!!"

So after our very entertaining performance we hit mc'ds, the place where jimmy left a load there. The funny part was, he was having stomach ache coz he ate mc'ds the day b4... after letting it all out, he went and had another round!

In mc'ds, snuckums called, asking me if im pranking her in any way... I tol her it wasnt me wateva it was... Apparently, someone was pranking her saying "i find u quite interesting n i kinda like you though"...
Thinking it was juz another april fools joke on her i told her to juz ignore it. A few hours later she called again telling me the number kept missed calling and calling her nonstop. I dropped everything and went straight to her aid.

When i got there, she gave me her phone, so i rang the number thats prank calling her, the first call, i got a giggle and the person hung up! The consecutive calls cudnt get thru... When the person finally picked up again, i was seriously pissed so i let EVERYTHING out. n i do mean everything!

How can i not see it coming man?! Snuckums was laughing her toes off!! and i was a lil engross in the situation... My last sentence was "Who the hell is this?" The person on the other line started laughing and said...

"Her MOther!!!"

In that moment, i screamed!! and totally ran all over!! Holly crap! Dunno where to hide my face after that! But her mom was okie with wad i said earlier... The ironic part was i juz said a whole lotta crap to her and she told me that she was proud of me? Im like oo0o0o0okie!!

That was the most humiliating, down right nonsensical joke ever!! Sad to say, my intentions of getting back at snuckums failed in total despair and every effort put in vanish in vain...

Next year!! Im getting you next year baby!! Just u wait n see!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Its been a long bz neverending week.. Maybe so far within this year, the worst of em all. I blieve i speak for all you broadcasting students when i say that... "It was a helluva week!" Well, as usual, there's the ups and downs. This week made it the extreme ups and the major downs.

Having to get back from an awesome weekend but at the same time feeling horribly tired and desperately in need of power bars and red bulls aint what i was looking for. Shit happens to people. Applying that phrase to me, i'll say i literally got shitted on!! If "shitted" is even a word to begin with.

The extreme ups was when me and snuckums got to hit 1U together and ate at BBQ chicken... Altho it was very feeling for me, n she ate her main course like a starter. LOL! Someone can really eat huh? Another "up-moment" was when recently got to hit the movies. Been ages since i laz seen something on a big screen. Me, snuckums and sheena went for an almost midnite movie and it was totally touching. To tell yall the truth, it was hard keeping em tears in. Lucky thing it was towards the end, if it hadnt been for the "im a man, i cant cry in the movies" rule of mine, i'd killed a whole forest of trees needing tons of tissue packets. so what is this movie which "almost" made me weep? I gotta say man, it really touched my emotional nerve. Two huge paws up for Marley and Me!!

When all seems fine in the day, suddenly a cloud in the sky turns into a hurricane for the world. The major downs really added em burdens on me shoulders mate! Been an emotional week for me, and i didnt mean it because of the movie... Am totally glad i survived this week, coz it reeeeally almost turn me into Mr. Hyde. Just wish things would have turned out differently.

Midterms and deadlines were my worst foes to deal with this week. Why? Coz the end work of it could determine my faith for the rest of my life! Bummer! I wouldnt say that i was please with the work done, well, simply coz i wasnt. And it wasnt even well done to perfection. Ppl who knows me knows that im an overated perfectionist and a half of my own kind. And being that way, it was outrageously crappified have hand in something i wasnt pleased with. Oh well, what's done is done...

Lets talk about my midterm shall we? To begin with, in the history of Broadcasting, class of January 2008, I've always been the enthusiastic one when it came to studying before exams. This week yet again made history, this time it was in the awesome display of pure and plain unprepared-ness. It was the very first time walking into an exam hall without studying / revising / having a clue wads up. The only thing i had with me was an "i dun give a s**t about this..." attitude. Even walked outta the exam room immediately as soon as i can leave. If i were the person i was then, i would've definitely stab myself. Oh well.....

Yesterday was interesting tho. Made my way to SEGi college for this fair thingy going on there. If it wudnt be for the signboard saying its a college, i would have tot it was a hotel or something. The huge-buttocks chandelier there really made a first impression. LOL! Apart from the huge-butt chandelier, another "huge-butt" impression i got from that place was that i find the other sex of the human species there quite attracting. LmaO! No offense to the gf... U know i love u with all my heart :P

Well, if you think it was a nitemare reading this, prepare for another thrill next week. No worries, it's only gonna get worse and i'll probably go insane and start running into walls.

Up next!
- More deadlines
- More midterms
- Presentations

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Treat for the Lonely Hearts

You say it best...
When you say nothing at all...

Fantastic concept
Simply amazing!
Love it!

Friday, February 20, 2009


If only happiness come creeping thru my window...

It just wont do it...
For all that i've done, you cant give up this small space in your life?
Forgetfulness is no excuse
Did it once, twice, but you aint gonna fool me trice!
Feelings and emotions running dry


Its pretty cool to actually have a chat with someone close to you and just tell them anything you just need to let out. Someone of the same mentality, experience, and ofcoz issues they're facing. Adjusting and adapting is so damn friggin hard. But its for the better and sometimes letting loose that grip may be for the best. Having to let everything out and just talk crap in total aimless conversations is sometimes all you need.

People may start thinking and asking weird f-ed up questions about a possible hook up, but who cares man? All we need to know is we're cool with each other and we know who we are and who we're with. Thanx for the encouragement, the advice, and mostly the support. You know who you are. You annoying ass... :P


Had a crazy 5 hour break in between classes today. And by knowing that jaw dropping statement is an ACTUAL FACT!, it can change the sanity of most ppl in the gruesome wait to what seems to be certain boredom after that.

The good news was there was a short discussion on an assignment due next week to fill my time.
The bad news is that it was short.

So that leaves me with an extra 3 hours in total boredom. Chilled at Wendy's for a quick bite but then the place got boring so we moved to Starbucks which actually is a mere 10 feet away. LOL!

The next class turned out to be a real life absurdity of a blundering useless source of kowledge. In plain simple english... I just wished i stayed in bed. We watched a movie which we were supposed to write an essay on. Total lameness old skool film man. I ended up playing with helen's nintendo untill the battery died and then only was I focusing on the movie. LOL (Lots of Lameness!!).

Got to chill at the mamak after that and then briefing for the upcoming Star Idol. It was a lil confusing but its gonna be aite as usual. Oh oh!! Am so excited! I dont know how the heck my mobile number is being circulated. Someone text me and asked if i could host a few bands showcase concert in the upcoming month at Putrajaya. Some of the bands are coming all the way from Singapore!! Sounds like a huge gig. Will definitely set my price this time... Lmao! Seeing this as a huge leap in my hosting career, totally jumped to the opportunity but the same goes, gotta have the details first...

Tired. Sleepy. Brain Crashed. Emotional Dead.

Worst part of it all...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Things cant always go your way
Learn to give in
Learn to admit your faults
Just because the whole world is against you
Doesnt mean you gotta include me in it

I am behind CLOSED doors
Too many times have you shut me out
and i am done...

"Boy this IS tough"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saying Bonjour...

To every great beginning there is always an end...

Fortunately, this isnt one of em. Well, snuckums' on holiday and im in the middle of my sem which is so unfair man... n its so darn hard when we get so far apart. I know it aint good to be like this and all. But what can i say, Im just so much in love with her that i cant live 2secs away from her! Dont worry guys, i aint turning into some drama queen and go on babbling abt how much life sucks so chill. LOL!
Our "cliche" pose...
Just realise the way we pose for every picture is the SAME..
We tilt our heads and lean on each other.

Got to hang out with her a lil while in between classes before the huge farewell. It was the least i could do. So the good thing was class ended early and that they woke up late! Talking abt everything falling into place nicely! I really wanted to treat em to breakfast but was rushing and wasnt around when the bill came. Shisit!!

So after brakfast, we rushed to snuckums bangsar house and chill a lil while plus got a lil alone time to say our goodbyes. Some much needed time la... Got to meet her aunties and uncle, had a few small chats here and there. Nice people though i heard the worse. But it was aite...
Trying to force a smile there huh?

These pickie reminds me of the olden days..
Like one of those P. Ramlee films where the chicks back then were HOT but without color

Later got a lil hungry and restless so we head over to Bangsar Village. Was so clueless where to go or the other option was to just stayed in and order Mc'ds. Thats just how we are, always looking at the options and never making the decisions. LOL! Ate at this place call CHATTERBOX. Figures why snuckums always go there! Lmao! The food there so far is excellent!! Snuckums fell in love with my black pepper spaghetti chicken chop. SOunds weird but its nice okie!

So by the time we finish eating, it was already time to head back. I didnt know waiting for cab in bangsar would be such a strain! We were right there in the hot blazing scorching sun with no cover or shed to hide in, and every cab that passed was either taken or asking for sky high prices! They think all coz its a high end area doesnt mean they can cheat us and get away with it? Bunch of losers! So we finally cudnt wait any longer, we took a cab with the least asking price. But still was damn pissed! Wads becoming of the nation man? Need they resort to cheating a bunch of youngsters?

So by the time we got back to the house, it was already time to go. There wasnt even time to breath for her as she had to run around making sure she got everything. And as forgetful as she was (cant blame her on this one), she didnt take her other phone. Saying goodbye wad the hardest thing... In wateva brief moment that we had to say our goodbyes, I held her tightly in my arms saying...

I'll see ya again soon!!

One of my personal fav pickies!

There's not a day that passes without me thinking of you...
You are my joy and my laughter
My tears and my happiness...

All of a sudden,
My world drowns itself in the strong currents of emptiness
I move slowly thru the crowd
Watching as i see everyone fast forward
I lost my mood of good
Nothing i do will heal the ache in me
But till i behold thee right infront of my vision...