Sunday, March 8, 2009


Its been a long bz neverending week.. Maybe so far within this year, the worst of em all. I blieve i speak for all you broadcasting students when i say that... "It was a helluva week!" Well, as usual, there's the ups and downs. This week made it the extreme ups and the major downs.

Having to get back from an awesome weekend but at the same time feeling horribly tired and desperately in need of power bars and red bulls aint what i was looking for. Shit happens to people. Applying that phrase to me, i'll say i literally got shitted on!! If "shitted" is even a word to begin with.

The extreme ups was when me and snuckums got to hit 1U together and ate at BBQ chicken... Altho it was very feeling for me, n she ate her main course like a starter. LOL! Someone can really eat huh? Another "up-moment" was when recently got to hit the movies. Been ages since i laz seen something on a big screen. Me, snuckums and sheena went for an almost midnite movie and it was totally touching. To tell yall the truth, it was hard keeping em tears in. Lucky thing it was towards the end, if it hadnt been for the "im a man, i cant cry in the movies" rule of mine, i'd killed a whole forest of trees needing tons of tissue packets. so what is this movie which "almost" made me weep? I gotta say man, it really touched my emotional nerve. Two huge paws up for Marley and Me!!

When all seems fine in the day, suddenly a cloud in the sky turns into a hurricane for the world. The major downs really added em burdens on me shoulders mate! Been an emotional week for me, and i didnt mean it because of the movie... Am totally glad i survived this week, coz it reeeeally almost turn me into Mr. Hyde. Just wish things would have turned out differently.

Midterms and deadlines were my worst foes to deal with this week. Why? Coz the end work of it could determine my faith for the rest of my life! Bummer! I wouldnt say that i was please with the work done, well, simply coz i wasnt. And it wasnt even well done to perfection. Ppl who knows me knows that im an overated perfectionist and a half of my own kind. And being that way, it was outrageously crappified have hand in something i wasnt pleased with. Oh well, what's done is done...

Lets talk about my midterm shall we? To begin with, in the history of Broadcasting, class of January 2008, I've always been the enthusiastic one when it came to studying before exams. This week yet again made history, this time it was in the awesome display of pure and plain unprepared-ness. It was the very first time walking into an exam hall without studying / revising / having a clue wads up. The only thing i had with me was an "i dun give a s**t about this..." attitude. Even walked outta the exam room immediately as soon as i can leave. If i were the person i was then, i would've definitely stab myself. Oh well.....

Yesterday was interesting tho. Made my way to SEGi college for this fair thingy going on there. If it wudnt be for the signboard saying its a college, i would have tot it was a hotel or something. The huge-buttocks chandelier there really made a first impression. LOL! Apart from the huge-butt chandelier, another "huge-butt" impression i got from that place was that i find the other sex of the human species there quite attracting. LmaO! No offense to the gf... U know i love u with all my heart :P

Well, if you think it was a nitemare reading this, prepare for another thrill next week. No worries, it's only gonna get worse and i'll probably go insane and start running into walls.

Up next!
- More deadlines
- More midterms
- Presentations

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jazz said...

im gona smack u.. the food was x filling k! i loved the movie baby... and im happy we gt through the week.. =) next time pls do well, dont simple pass up and come out...seriouslu k..and u doink!! evil la u check out chicks infront of me.. haiz..
-world c wad i have 2 deal wit?-
baby, ill be there 4 u in the weeks 2 come =)