Friday, April 3, 2009


Picture this: all week long you dont get a full nite's sleep, and when u finally get to just toss and turn n mess up ur sheets in the morning with no where to rush off to, u get...

*Ring Ring Ring*

Me: Hello?
Caller: Sayang... the bar list is out!
Me: Yeah? So?
Caller: Baby, i got barred for maths!!!!!
Me: WHAT?!!!! *Speechless!*
Caller: Sayang... April Fool!!!
Me: Shit the fella!!

That was the start of a very very "interesting" april fools... compliments of Snuckums!

Already so blurr nicely kena proply! The best part of it was i totally forgot it was April fools!! So the day went on as usual... I was late for a meeting, got piss running after the bus, the sun was too damn hot, n my stomach's like an empty vassel!

Met up with snuckums for lunch. Havent tried oldtown kopitiam for quite sometime now, us going back there proved and kinda explained the why. LOL! Later, we hit secret recipe coz snuckums was yearning for her choc mudcake there. It was all fine till we were out again in the sun!

Went to paul's for a the meeting which i was already a few hours late... But all is well since i found out that i wudnt be of use even if i went on time. The best part was when after leaving for lunch, Jimmy had a lil inconvenience finding a toilet..

Me n helen were LOL in the car, literally!! The desperation of a usable toilet got him confuse between a Volvo, a Merc and a Benz! LOL! The best of the best part was when our car was stuck at the traffic light. Jimmy cudnt even sit up rite, he had to sit sideways to stop the crap from coming out! Lucky thing he held it in... It was pure entertainment rite there man!

Famous lines from jimmy that day:

"Wakaka!! Wakaka!!"
"Bang the bloody benz, volvo, Merc wateva!!"
"Shit the stupid kancil"
"Shit wei have to run to the toilet d!! But cannot run.. later people think im damn desperate!! Must walk slowly, cannot show im rushing to the toilet!!"

So after our very entertaining performance we hit mc'ds, the place where jimmy left a load there. The funny part was, he was having stomach ache coz he ate mc'ds the day b4... after letting it all out, he went and had another round!

In mc'ds, snuckums called, asking me if im pranking her in any way... I tol her it wasnt me wateva it was... Apparently, someone was pranking her saying "i find u quite interesting n i kinda like you though"...
Thinking it was juz another april fools joke on her i told her to juz ignore it. A few hours later she called again telling me the number kept missed calling and calling her nonstop. I dropped everything and went straight to her aid.

When i got there, she gave me her phone, so i rang the number thats prank calling her, the first call, i got a giggle and the person hung up! The consecutive calls cudnt get thru... When the person finally picked up again, i was seriously pissed so i let EVERYTHING out. n i do mean everything!

How can i not see it coming man?! Snuckums was laughing her toes off!! and i was a lil engross in the situation... My last sentence was "Who the hell is this?" The person on the other line started laughing and said...

"Her MOther!!!"

In that moment, i screamed!! and totally ran all over!! Holly crap! Dunno where to hide my face after that! But her mom was okie with wad i said earlier... The ironic part was i juz said a whole lotta crap to her and she told me that she was proud of me? Im like oo0o0o0okie!!

That was the most humiliating, down right nonsensical joke ever!! Sad to say, my intentions of getting back at snuckums failed in total despair and every effort put in vanish in vain...

Next year!! Im getting you next year baby!! Just u wait n see!!

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