Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As it says on my PM on msn...

Yes thats rite!!! I-am-FREEEEeeeeeee!!!

At least until June 1st that is... LOL!

So my last paper was on monday, the END of Semester 1 of Year 2. And so with a very light heart, i beg you goodbye miserable sem!!! And HeeeEeeEeEEEELLo0oo000Ooo HOLIDAY!!! Imma be getting up the bus tmr... On the way to meet sweet sweet loving arms wide open to greet me in PENANG baby!!! Yeah!!

So im gonna be staying there for about a week and I cant friggin wait!!! Aaargh... The crusing drives around the island, the freedom im gonna living, the BEACH, CLUBBING ofcoz, the sight seeing, the awesomeness FOOD, but the MOST of all.... Just YOU, ME and Penang...

So imma be heading off to the holiday of my life... But no worries coz imma be coming back with loadsa stories to fill you guys in. Well, note that i have loads of drafts to post and to post em i will when i get back. So be sure to look forward to it. Coz i definitely am!!

Till then... HOLI-awesomefull-DAY!!!!


jazz said...

ima lock u up here ni la.. u aint going no where. xp

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

lock up arr? really ke?
last time i checked we were going everywhere!!! wakakaaka!