Sunday, April 26, 2009

Study Fest!!!

As it says on my PM on Msn...

Moral was aite!! But Broadcasting's Next up! Paper 2 out of 5!!

Yep, yesterday was day 1 of my finals this sem... It was aite. Guess the office tend to start us off easy with Pendidikan Moral!! What a load man. Altho it was only a LAN paper which wont contribute nada to my CGPA, i have no idea y i paid so much attention to it... Stil wondering why..

And my reaction to the paper.. well, its a normal "ok la" difficulty. Dont wanna be full of confidence now coz i dont wanna jinx my chances here. Plus, it came to a shock to my whole class of the number of (senior) students who sat for the repeat paper. Bummer for them! And to think they sum up to almost a whole class. Must be a real "tough" subject..
After all, the classes thru out the sem werent always popular among the students and it wasnt even full to begin with. Im guessin we have soo0o0o much moral values instilled in us that we dont have to give a damn about attending class. LOL!

Well, after the paper, met up with snuckums coz she too had a paper... we're hoping for the best to score!!

We hit Jaya 33 after that... and believe it or not, it was the first time i was there. Yeah, i know i know.. its just 10 mins from my uni.. but hey! Never had the urge to go there. Well, didnt really walked all over. But i went to as far as subway. As in the fast food restaurant chain. Not literally the subway.

And for that i finally found a sole reason to go there more often. The sandwich buns there are nice!! Especially now that they're having a special everyday 24/7!! Okie, lets skip the whole advertising for subway moment and then snuckums just had to window shopping which eventually turned real shopping...

And at nite....

Well, lets not get there... :P

Ps Nothing happened. No worries mum!!

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