Thursday, October 15, 2009

Penang Day 1

The moment is here peeps. Yes that's right. I'm finally on my holiday. And yes I know it's a lil too late for that. But all that hardwork and sleepless nites gotta pay off for at least a few days of fun. This time its once again, Penang. The state of FOOD! well, its that reason and oso the issue of the cash in my pocket. Since my budget only fits the cuti-cuti Malaysia package. I'll have that for the time being.

Took a bus up north yesterday and by the time we got here it was already late evening. Got to snuckum's crib ad settled down a lil, refresh and grab a lil dinner, left for a lil night life out in the island. There wasnt much on our schedule except the playing everthing by ear.

We fetched Denisa and Bri and the gang for the nite is complete. Headed to Queen's Bay and one after the other, decided to watch Surrogates. Hermm, let's just say it wasnt up to par on the action section. And how did the conflict resolve in a not so complicated way? It somehow reminds me of Eagle Eye. When all they have to do was to drive a stick thru a computer. Tho the ending in Surrogates was a lil too predictable, it was slightly much of a let down for it to be an anticipated film of 2009.

All in all, the highlight of the first nite out was the chilling by the beach. It would be perfect if the mosquitos and the rats were deducted from the equation. Anyhow, I'm already starting the process of revival especially after the dreaded months of non stop assignements and weekly rush for deadlines.

I feel that I'm finally feeling LIFE once more.

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