Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where did UNITY go??

-"You can see behind me is a big metal, which is the character of the Arabic language "Mim"
-In the english vocabulary, it can be said as "MM".
-In which in english is stands for "Malays"
-And which I can say that this university is 100% for Bumiputras.
-And which most of them consist of the malays.

-This university is NOT for the non-malays.

-What happen last year was I did a street demonstration protesting against the minister of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for his suggestion to open up UiTM to 10% of the non-malays in which it was an incorrect suggestion to be made at the incorrect time.
-The malays should have the special rights because basically the malays are the sons of the soil of this country and basically we are given this type of right because we have given up the citizenship of the non-malays; the chinese and the indians.
-And for that in exchange we get the privileges of - such as; education, scholars, loans from the banks and some land from the malay reserve."

- Luqman, Student Leader UiTM

Okie so that was a video i came across in facebook and honestly speaking after the entire ordeal of watching it, lets just say it wasnt a pleasant feeling. Then I began to think, after a milestone of 50+ years of independence, how are there still people of irrational and racist way of thinking? Of the many social problems that we encountered after decades of war between societies in this country, the number one problem that started it all still exist? You people should be ashame of yourselves.

So this "fellow malaysian" here is the leader of the student council in UiTM, lets assume he's speaking in representation of the students. The first ever thought that came in my mind was how in world did anyone with that kinda proficiency in english be too proud and overly exagerating the use of it on an international news station? I mean come on, the national language is undoubtedly Bahasa, but knock knock?? Aren't they cautious that the international standards of language dominantly serve to the english language. So if you cant talk, shut up!! Oh, if you people dont understand that, let me put it in your own language... Buat malu je ko rang ni. Baik duk diam diam yee...

My second thought on this was if he already noted the overall intake requirements for the university is for bumiputras; indigenous people of the Malay Archipelago. That also goes for the other ethnic group in this country, and one thing I dont get is the rest of his so called speech was mainly highlighted on the malays.

How can people still think about their own race these days when humanity are expanding their global works of connecting societies together. I believe I've always been a global kinda person, never had a problem mixing around with other people no matter their physical appearances or their racial background. But knowing that this problem still exist just pisses me off. If only I'd get the chance of to punch him in the face. If that was spoken from someone else's point of view, um... I mean some other race's point of view, we'd be in jail for life by now. Remember the case where the chinese dude rap about the racial tension on youtube?

So I'm going to highlight some of my very own views and also a debate from 2 individuals on the video posted. We've all been going to school together. There's no such thing as an all malay school around nor is there any main educational subjects that we should be divided in. So how and where the blooming hell did the people of UiTM come up with an idea of an all malay university?? What, the quota set by the government isnt enough to separate us all? What is the percentage there? A public university has the intake of 70% Bumiputras and the 25% goes to the chinese and the remains of that goes to the indians. Tell me, why do they need an additonal 100% admission for malays in a public university? Hasnt the malays already given too much chances? I feel that it is so much so that most of them are taking everything for granted and the majority of them simply think that they do not need to work as hard as we other races do to get the same privileges given back to us as services of the government. Although I do not intend that to the minorities who have worked their behinds off for a better opporutnity.

On a second note on that, we practice the term unity the moment we begin our educational phase and that is elimentary school. Well, there is a firm 80% of all kids are enrolled in a national schoolling system. That means, there is a strong 80% chance of us being used to the company of other races having to learn the customs and believe of different culture as we go along. So would somebody tell me now, why is the prople in charge tend to separate us again now by having a separate university for only one specific race? If you beg to differ on that and debate on the issue that there is other educational institutions with the same characteristics, and tend to use TAR college or UTAR as your argument, stop right there. It may be dominated by the chinese race Although both of the univeristies are semi-private or semi-government, however way you wanna put it, they do not have any quotas for student's admission. It all falls down to the choice of the applicants there which coincidentally seem popular among the chinese population. There are malays and indians there. There only aren't as much as there are in a public university. So saying that a private institution is boycott-ing the malays or the bumiputras is totally absurd.

I posted this video on my facebook and then I saw one of my malay friend's shout outs only minutes later, quote "When a malay person speaks about racial issues, it's considered Racist, but when the chinese or indian person speaks of it, it's called liberalism, a right act of democracy..." I.... didn't bother to have a second opinion. What can I say, sarcasm has it's way in bringing out the truth about things.

Although I may have another full load of mind to put in here, and the greed of placing more points on the matter may be overpowering me at the moment. I shall send my regards and leave you guys with a final thought. All this privileges that we aren't given, that's not what we're making an issue about, what's making things worst now is that these privileges that we aren't getting are growing and as much as it is being swept under the rug with our government's mode of ridiculous transparency. These issues aren't that hard to notice with everything out in open obviously seen with the naked eye.

Where did unity go? Maybe it's not even been found....

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