Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrating... You, me, us and LOVE!!

Valentine's Eve

Having a pretty tite schedule aint a good equation and the possible solution leads to very last minute plans and decisions. Snuckums got her hands tide too and counting the days before had to be spent apart, Valentine's seems like the perfect date to just go for a not so far away vacation from all the stress and hassle of everyday life.

The worst part of celebrating an occasion is always picking the ideal gift. Was doing a LOT of window shopping with the group lately. Going to 1U in between class, midvalley... Still nothing that caught my attention...

To make matters worst, on valentine's eve, I was caught up with classes and an event to host. Trust me, if it were to be my decision, my schedule would totally be free and empty. After all, i havent got a gift yet... Swt.

On yesterday itself, Me and helen hit Midvalley coz i obviously needed a gift and she needed to wrap hers and also to get a new dress for her huge dinner plans for the nite. Never knew coincidences are sometimes a great factor in hand. We went to Memory Lane to wrap her present and we saw this adorably cute teddy bear and the price wasnt that sky rocketing high. U know since its VALENTINE's day and all. Plus, i remembered snuckums telling me she havent got one before. So ta daa!! Gift selected. Decided to just take it and wrap it there and then to make things much easier.

The dreading part's next. Im sure all of you guys know wad its like to walk around a friggin huge mall tagging along as the other sex goes searching and hunting for d-perfect outfit? Especially when i say PERFECT, i mean nothing could ever satisfy their taste and their wants. I can say i practically walked into every single shop which sells dress there. The outcome of that... Helen got a top which she didnt even plan to where it for the nite. Swtness!!!

Halfway dragging my feel thru the mall, we came across this accesory booth which snuckums so wanted to get a new belly piercing stub and i kinda remember the design she wanted eventho at that time i wasnt really being a good companion in giving comments about whether or not she should get it. Yeah, so i just went back to get it for her. LOL!

Had a frenzy rush back to uni for the event altho i totally missed the rehearsal, so i just went with the flow in the actual event. I was So0Oo unprepared man! But it was cool. Snuckums came halfway thru and diverted totally all of my attention to her. Coz thats what she does everytime she walked into a room.

After the event, i had a lil thing planned actually. Got to pull some strings with the librarian to set a table for two and a plant in the middle with a couple of candle lights. Even asked the guards if i could use the space on the roof top of the building. To my despair, the event ended late (as always la Malaysian timing) and the librarian needed to leave so the candle light thing cudnt happen. Disappointed to the max but anyways the main treat is to spend it with her.. And thats what i got.. so no complains there! LOL! Here's some pickies i got from that lil time we had...

Look at that...
What a sight!!!
It just cudnt get better than this...

Our timing was perfect just to catch the sunset on one of the roof top in pj... And the place means alot to us as well.. we call it our private beach. I know i know... Absurdness. Coz there's not even a particle of sand and ofcoz no water. But the breeze every single time you go up there simply takes your breath away. Like a lamborghini just sweep rite pass you on the street... Okie.. you gurls will never understand that kinda metaphor. Lmao!

Altho there werent any table for two,
I have your arms to hold me tight
and that counts for everything.

Here's whats on the other side,
Loved the scenery everywhere u turn to...

Yeah so i belive i mentioned something about the last minute shopping earlier, I had to carry a huge box around midvalley and worst still, in uni... She thought it was a cake at first. LOL! Talking about her imagination going wild huh? And eventho it was 4 and a half hours early before Valentine's, and carrying a huge box doesnt really say much about a suprise, I gave the first present to her (the most obvious one) to open... Here's how she reacted...

Boy am i glad i got her the Teddy...
She named it Piggie Bo!!
Which is what she calls me when i stink..

Since i cancelled dinner reservations at this restaurants due to some complications. Had no plans for dinner at all. So we just headed to jaya1 and see whats new there. But in the end we settled for Nandos!! LOL! U know, since everyone wanted to go to extraordinary places and the ordinary ones are so empty, we juz decided to be extraordinary and settle for something less extraordinary. Does that make sense at all?

They had their Valentine's special menu
So we just ordered that instead.

Shy shy ness case..

My hair sucked after taking off my skicap...
Aaargh! Cover blown!

Here's for starters...

My my... Simply De-buurrrpp-ful!

From there, we head over to her crib coz its her turn for the gifts... But in order for that, i had to wait outside the door. For a moment there, i thought i got kicked out and abondoned. Neh, just kidding... LOL! So when i finally got in.... This was the suprise....

She totally beat me in the candle light thing..
Coz i only planned two...
and she has a whole room filled with it!!!

As for the gifts, its was soooo extremely sweet of her!! I mean, she went thru more trouble tha me to get it done! Must've taken weeks!! She got me a jar of private messages and memories all in a lil jar! Its way better than getting a note in a bottle man... Coz i got more of em lil notes in a smaller much nicer looking bottle!! Im definitely keeping my hands in this cookie jar!! LOL!

And thats not all!! I got another jar filled with tokens. Written in the tokens were stuff i gotta do each time i pick one out. Its a great idea... And i loved my first action written on the first token i picked out. LOL!

Was actually planning to give her the 2nd gift on Valentine's day itself. But since she gave me two and it seem a lil unfair that i only gave her one. Plus i was anxiously looing forward to how she would react to this gift. Hehe. Ta daa!! She Loved this one even more!! So you see girls... Guys dont ignore stuff which you think they do, we just simple act like we dont care but return the next day and get it for ya! LOL!


Valentine's Day

Was practically stuck at home half the day coz i needed to see to some things. After that went to meet up with snuckums at bangsar. Got the change to be introduced to a small part of her extended family as well. wanted to chill and hang out for a couple of drinks at T-club but it wasnt open yet. So went to Starbucks rite next door.... Got to finally talked and catch up with her...

Got back to her crib, got to hang out summore and spend some alone time which is darn valuable and hard to get these days. Waited for her to get ready which took ages man... so i waited... and waited, and waited..... by the time she's ready, we only had time to just eat and nothing else. But the wait was worth it. Y? Coz snuckums looked "oh la la!!". Steaming hot hot hot!! All dressed up to kill. When she takes an effort to dress up.. Really gotta give some credit to her.... LOL!

Moments before leaving her place..
See what i mean by dress to kill?

Dont know wads wrong with wearing a cap on a date? But snuckums rather see my disfigured head than a cap covering it. Hermm.. still remains a mystery. LOL! Anyways, we headed to Sungei Wang for dinner but there was a concert goin on in the middle of the street so we stop by to check it out. Altho we didnt understand nothing about whats going on specifically, what the heck are they saying.

It was too crowded everywhere this was the clearest shot i got..

At dinner, we hit Madam Wong's as our extraordinary place. Snuckums got her usual butter milk. I tried a new thing. I forgot wads it called. But it was aite.. I really hoped snuckums had a blast tho it wasnt much at all. After dinner planned to check out some stores but everything was closing eventho it was only 9.30pm... So we hit the outside part of sungei wang hoping to come across some of the much talked about night life.

Looks yummy baby!!!

To our disappointment, the area outside was crowded with all those loitering punks and unemployed banglas. Most of the malays were shuffling which i totally find weird coz there werent any music playing its like those boozoes were there to just show off but in the eyes of the educated, they're just wanabes being f-ing annoying in everybody's way!!

Another thing i find f-ing annoying, those god forsaken perverts walking around eyeing snuckums. These kinda ppl really pists me off. So we got annoyed at the ppl there, so we just headed home. On the way home, we cudnt believe the crowd at the monorail station. It was so overly pack, we were squashed in the train! Worst of all, when we got to sentral, all the cabbies are asking for their price! So we just settled for the one asking the lowest price. Its so unfair man.. How can all these idiots still have their license?

At the end of the nite, it was just you and me...
And thats all that matters.

Hope u had fun my snuckums!
I certainly did...
Cheers to our first Valentine's day with each other...
Cant wait to see wad next year has installed for us!!
You dont measure life by the seconds,
You measure them by the moments....


jazz said...

me loved my valentines!! =) thanks baby! i totally had a blast!! love every single moment of it.. muakz

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

me too!
cant wait for next year eh?
wonder how much would things change then?

Anonymous said...

they change alot babe.. the you then wouldn't believe.