Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saying Bonjour...

To every great beginning there is always an end...

Fortunately, this isnt one of em. Well, snuckums' on holiday and im in the middle of my sem which is so unfair man... n its so darn hard when we get so far apart. I know it aint good to be like this and all. But what can i say, Im just so much in love with her that i cant live 2secs away from her! Dont worry guys, i aint turning into some drama queen and go on babbling abt how much life sucks so chill. LOL!
Our "cliche" pose...
Just realise the way we pose for every picture is the SAME..
We tilt our heads and lean on each other.

Got to hang out with her a lil while in between classes before the huge farewell. It was the least i could do. So the good thing was class ended early and that they woke up late! Talking abt everything falling into place nicely! I really wanted to treat em to breakfast but was rushing and wasnt around when the bill came. Shisit!!

So after brakfast, we rushed to snuckums bangsar house and chill a lil while plus got a lil alone time to say our goodbyes. Some much needed time la... Got to meet her aunties and uncle, had a few small chats here and there. Nice people though i heard the worse. But it was aite...
Trying to force a smile there huh?

These pickie reminds me of the olden days..
Like one of those P. Ramlee films where the chicks back then were HOT but without color

Later got a lil hungry and restless so we head over to Bangsar Village. Was so clueless where to go or the other option was to just stayed in and order Mc'ds. Thats just how we are, always looking at the options and never making the decisions. LOL! Ate at this place call CHATTERBOX. Figures why snuckums always go there! Lmao! The food there so far is excellent!! Snuckums fell in love with my black pepper spaghetti chicken chop. SOunds weird but its nice okie!

So by the time we finish eating, it was already time to head back. I didnt know waiting for cab in bangsar would be such a strain! We were right there in the hot blazing scorching sun with no cover or shed to hide in, and every cab that passed was either taken or asking for sky high prices! They think all coz its a high end area doesnt mean they can cheat us and get away with it? Bunch of losers! So we finally cudnt wait any longer, we took a cab with the least asking price. But still was damn pissed! Wads becoming of the nation man? Need they resort to cheating a bunch of youngsters?

So by the time we got back to the house, it was already time to go. There wasnt even time to breath for her as she had to run around making sure she got everything. And as forgetful as she was (cant blame her on this one), she didnt take her other phone. Saying goodbye wad the hardest thing... In wateva brief moment that we had to say our goodbyes, I held her tightly in my arms saying...

I'll see ya again soon!!

One of my personal fav pickies!

There's not a day that passes without me thinking of you...
You are my joy and my laughter
My tears and my happiness...

All of a sudden,
My world drowns itself in the strong currents of emptiness
I move slowly thru the crowd
Watching as i see everyone fast forward
I lost my mood of good
Nothing i do will heal the ache in me
But till i behold thee right infront of my vision...


jazz said...

awww baby! ur the sweetest!!
luv u!
i hate u though u had 2 put the pic i look nude right!ishhh u!!!! u wait la!
ugly la me looks.. u ish! wait juz wait!!
but i miss u too baby.. cnt wait 2 be back in ur arms..=)
muakz muakz muazk! =)

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

im waiting...
u're never ugly baby!
not in my eyes..
cant wait for u to get back..