Monday, February 9, 2009

Midnite Footies

Too much has happened...
Dont know where to start.
If yall have been following my updates, there aint any.
Been saving drafts and never a complete posts
No matter how determine i am..
Its either i dont have the time, or the words just aint comin.

Im pretty sure yall veteran bloggers know wad im talking abt.
Its all about the responsibility!
But when it comes to me,
Its procrastination all the way!!


Had an blast at futsal laz nite
Felt a lil outta my league coz all of em were playin their A game..
i admit, i SUCKED!!
n i certainly did make a fool outta myself.
Been playing in my own league for way too long,
got in too far into my comfort zone.
Playin with the guys yesterday was a wake up call for me!
Well, we can only get better and never the other way round.
Didnt know most of them there tho..
But wad can i say, Football / Soccer / Futsal unite us all...
Am thinking of making this a hobby...
Will be joining the gang soon for an encore game
Certainly not an encore of my show of performance!

Aaargh... The olden golden days!!

Its match day / night!!
After our lil game, we went on to watch the match of the week,
Manchester United vs West Ham United!
It was a spectacular goal by the legendary RYAN GIGGS!
At the 63rd minute, goin pass the left wing,
"Dribbling pass 2 defenders,
He shoots!!
The ball goes by other two defenders!!
He SCORES!!!!!!
Owh what a GOAL!!!!
The golden moment of the night, this is it.. this is it!!
The man of the match, goes to Giggie!!
But there was much resistance from the home team as well..
It was nail bitting, sitting at the edge of our seat moments rite to the end whistle!

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