Friday, February 20, 2009


If only happiness come creeping thru my window...

It just wont do it...
For all that i've done, you cant give up this small space in your life?
Forgetfulness is no excuse
Did it once, twice, but you aint gonna fool me trice!
Feelings and emotions running dry


Its pretty cool to actually have a chat with someone close to you and just tell them anything you just need to let out. Someone of the same mentality, experience, and ofcoz issues they're facing. Adjusting and adapting is so damn friggin hard. But its for the better and sometimes letting loose that grip may be for the best. Having to let everything out and just talk crap in total aimless conversations is sometimes all you need.

People may start thinking and asking weird f-ed up questions about a possible hook up, but who cares man? All we need to know is we're cool with each other and we know who we are and who we're with. Thanx for the encouragement, the advice, and mostly the support. You know who you are. You annoying ass... :P


Had a crazy 5 hour break in between classes today. And by knowing that jaw dropping statement is an ACTUAL FACT!, it can change the sanity of most ppl in the gruesome wait to what seems to be certain boredom after that.

The good news was there was a short discussion on an assignment due next week to fill my time.
The bad news is that it was short.

So that leaves me with an extra 3 hours in total boredom. Chilled at Wendy's for a quick bite but then the place got boring so we moved to Starbucks which actually is a mere 10 feet away. LOL!

The next class turned out to be a real life absurdity of a blundering useless source of kowledge. In plain simple english... I just wished i stayed in bed. We watched a movie which we were supposed to write an essay on. Total lameness old skool film man. I ended up playing with helen's nintendo untill the battery died and then only was I focusing on the movie. LOL (Lots of Lameness!!).

Got to chill at the mamak after that and then briefing for the upcoming Star Idol. It was a lil confusing but its gonna be aite as usual. Oh oh!! Am so excited! I dont know how the heck my mobile number is being circulated. Someone text me and asked if i could host a few bands showcase concert in the upcoming month at Putrajaya. Some of the bands are coming all the way from Singapore!! Sounds like a huge gig. Will definitely set my price this time... Lmao! Seeing this as a huge leap in my hosting career, totally jumped to the opportunity but the same goes, gotta have the details first...

Tired. Sleepy. Brain Crashed. Emotional Dead.

Worst part of it all...

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