Friday, April 10, 2009

Creating, Maintaining, and Updating...

Been spending some much needed "quality time" with my PC today...

Much i have done, and much more left to be done here. It seems as tho everything needs to be on a constant update these days. Microsoft Windows are even checking and validating softwares as we run updates. I wasnt even sure i got the original pack, but it seems fine so far. And im wondering why in the bloody high heavens am i required to restart and reboot my PC after every single update?

One can spend hours, even a whole day plus, with the speed of my PC, AGES to get this done!! What prompt me to even giving a damn about this, was trying to install this particular software from Adobe. Post instalation brought a massive hassle hence made my day the way it was.

This blue screen poped outta nowhere telling me there is an error and asking me a reboot is required. This was the many hundredth time this irritating process poped out. In the end i ended up updating and installing my windows system all over and a few other updates required. Not forgeting my antivirus!

Soon after i realize, I need more space in my computer coz after installing all those crap, i was only left with 1.something GB of space.. WTF?! Now not only do i have loadsa more updating to do, but i've got to go get a new hard drive (preferably 120GB and above; for my games la!) and run a thorough disk cleanup. Feeling the mental stress alrredy!

Good news is Pikom fair is this weekend!! Wo0ts! Its a sign i tell you!! ITS A SIGN!
Bad news is i've gotta spend my cash! shisit!!

So next up on my list to get are:
- Get new Hard Drive
- Get Original Antivirus software
- Get latest versions of Adobe softwares; Illustrator, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
- Get portable Hard Drive (Optional)

Aaaaah... I can see an empty bank account alreay! :'(

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