Monday, April 20, 2009

When we celebrate a 21st

First of all, a BIG Happy 21st Birthday to Joellyne!

Saturday nite fever is back!! and this time, it came back in style!!

It was certainly tiring preping up the hall and all the glitz and glamour for that nite. It was rush rush rush during the day. And come nite time, it was P-A-R-T-A-Y!!! The chickies were all dressed to kill, and the pimps were ready to mingle... LOL!

The flowers, the booze, the dresses, the food, Lights, Camera and THE EVENT of the year!! It was d-partay she'll definitely remember for the rest of her life...

Went in the morning to prep up the hall, helped with the flowers and the sound system as they were testing it out. The hall was already surrounded with speakers and its own console system, little did i know the mixers and gigantor sub wolfers were on its way. Plus, throw in a deejay and a couple of emcees for the event, whala!! u've got our very own private party in a club rite there!! Oh... not forgetting the red carpet!! Filled with rose petals to formalize the event.

Left in the afternoon for home turning almost black, covered with dust and sweat while the birthday girl went to the salon and did her hair... Got home only had enuf time to change and have a desperately needed shower and worst of all... aint got nothing to wear. So i went with my natural instint and put on some rojak stuff. You know us guys... no matter the event, we need not go thru hundreds of fittings to find the rite one. LOL!

The theme for the nite, The Movie Premiere!! Started at 7pm but put it in the malaysian context it started at 8pm. Well, at least the cocktail started on time. Which is the advantage of being on time!! When the time came, the main attraction of the nite walked the red carpet, with camera lights flashing and us at the sidelines ready to greet her in.

The first part of the of the nite was pretty formal. Had a round of speeches, a few slide shows, accompanied by a live unplungged performance. Not forgeting SOME of us were already drunk during dinner. but it all turned out well at the end. And before it came to the end of that part of the nite, i remember her dad saying; "Send ur parents home and we'll crank up the dance floor". And that we did..... Lmao!

The after partay was the main event when all the booze came out and about. The varieties... just makes me wanna go "oh la la.." all over again. Everyone turned "frenly". The hot-african-mamas really got jiggy with it on the floor. And once u got pulled in on the floor, there's no way out... It was no pool party... it was better. :P

What a way to celebrate a 21st....

It was all great. But if you were there, it would be a perfect nite. Muaks!

Next up... the PICKIES!! will update on that later..
As for now.. Gotta head back to studying....

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