Monday, October 6, 2008

All in one go... HO!!


State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

The 1 person I tag are to then follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts and so, here it goes.

15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself are :

1. Missing someone! Alot!
2. Very much in love rite now...
3. Listen to jazz music... occasionally.
4. Learning Guitar.. Wo0ts!
5. Total Procrastinator!!
6. I cant swim..but i can surely splash!
7. A Manchester United ho0oligan!!
8. Crazy among friends. But a loner deep within.. Blive it!
9. Excessive Daydreamer!!
10. I can be a stink bomb!! A silent one! Muahaha!
11. Need a freaking holiday!!
12. Hating tasha for tagging me to do this bloody thing!
13. Tidy freak! Everything must be in place!
14. Freaking glad its number 14...
15. Glad im done with this...!! Wo0ts!

i tag jaZz!!! blehs! Told ya i'd do it!!


*UPDATES part 1*

Yeap, the so called "holidays" are over.. Dreading it! Its back to work day and everything sucks! The day where all things turn back to being hectic is the day i fall sick. Work is as normal, stressing as ever... And my condition's getting worse. Started with a cough a few days back, and this morning, a flu... N just when i tot it was bad enough, Started having diarheae after lunch! I'm sure yall dont want me elaborating on that. So yeah... pretty much hating life now. I even had to choke 5mugs of coffee down juz so i could get em caffeine in my system to keep my eyes open. Times like this, wishing i have access to em redbulls...

I totally forgot!
To all my muslim friends and families..
Happy "belated" Raya Day.
Forgive Body and Soul!


Raya was okie i guess.. Went to visit some relatives of mine in the morning and just catch up a lil. But sad to say... the whole Chan gang wasnt complete coz some went to spend it with their in laws and friends and some juz cudnt make it. Nevertheless, it was good to see those familiar faces once again (note that we only have a gathering during festive seasons like this one). Other than that it was plain old hittin the malls, late nite mamak sessions, and stuff. Cant say it felt like a holiday coz i was only doin the normal routine which is nothing much outta the ordinary. Sleep like a pig, wake up, online, gaming, eat, tv, then sleep again... Like i said, nothing outta the ordinary. The fasting month didnt even feel like the fasting month. Coz normally i wud be semangat-ed to fast also. But this year... Nah... i'll pass. hehe! LOL!

*UPDATES part 2*

Everyone is falling sick.
Was texting angelia today, poor gurl is down with flu and fever.
But hey, njoy playing pool on the comp all day!

Perfect Example:
ME! (refer Updates part 1)



Blurro!! Cheer up la!! It may hurt like a b*tch rite now. But it'll pass. You know we love you. We'll always be there for ya k! The gang stays together gether ma! Smile a lil! There are loads more fishies in the sea, remember that. I mite take u go fishing sometime soon k. Just dont beat urself up too much. Kills me to see ya like that girl..


-Stop bugging my soul about too much coffee!!
-Im not stubborn nor am i livin in denial!!!


To the only one in my heart...
I love Y-O-U!!
Cant wait for ya to get back!


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