Saturday, October 18, 2008

Showers of "Blessing"

Needless to say, im sure most of us are getting really tired and fed up about the constant downpour thats been hitting KL and its surrounding areas at all the perfect timings... As for me, I had my fair share of it in my previous experiences but the one i had yesterday massively contributed much annoyance to that huge temper of mine. Was rushing my work the whole morning when the sky was perfectly clear and there weren't any clouds in sight. Only when i was about to leave my place, i heard the jumbling rumbling thunder, and by the time i left... I was privileged enuf to get first class, front seat to a very angry storm out there. Even that small tiny lil brite blue umbrella with the cute lil mickey mouse on it cudnt protect me from it (It by choice to use it).

As soon as i got out, the bus just blew rite pass while all i could do is stand there and give constant swears. So I was waiting there, under the bridge for the next one to come, it wasnt a very useful shelter tho but it beats my bloody umbrella! The moment, i got outta the house with my fresh pair of socks, i knew for certain, I should've wore slippers instead. The wait for the bus was extremely infuriating and when i decided to take a cab, none of em were going my way, so the bus was the only option i had. Finaly when it comes, it not only stalled at the stop, but went on a granny cruise on its course to town. Reached town and the psychotic driver stopped a mile from my stop hence i had no cover at all!! To make matters worst, it wasnt even a stop, we were forced to get down in the middle of the freaking road! and at one point i was caught up in traffic where I cudnt even move! YUP! in the middle of the freaking road!!

I was already wet... wait, i mean... I was SOAKED by the time i got up the second bus at town. Another piece of detail to add is that i was soaked sitting in the bus and the driver just had to put the air condition on full blast! Hello?!! Where's your freaking BRAINS in em skull of urs?!! There i was friggin shivering the whole journey and my stop is rite at the other end of the stop. That aint all... Once i've reached my stop. The rain followed me to PJ, and as i got down the bus, didnt even bother to open my tiny blur umbrella nemore... Wad's the use? I was already soaked! So i tot to myself, aint no use getting mad at the whole world rite now, let others do the job for me, so i began to chill (literally) and see things as they are and just use the moment and try to njoy it. LOL! Note that i was in the rain, so there was nothing much i could do or njoy... Took a dashing run and then a very slow walk to her place. There i got me a change of shirt (loving the sweater) and wait till my shorts got dry...

-Kuala Lumpur when it sleeps-

I got the pics from last year's stormy weather and believe it or not the time was only 5pm in the evening, the sky was pitch black by the time it got 6pm. Its been raining drastically over the past few weeks, rivers are flooded, drains overflowing, people are moody, idiotic bus drivers are scattered around. Not the prettiest situation we KL-ians are in rite now. Wishing for the turn of weather conditions to happen....

Dinner at nite was fun. Met up with Ad and melia at i-Thai after waiting for ages with snuckums. but who cares, i was with her. No wait could ever bring me down. Finally got a chance to hand em their birthday gifts. So u guys, Happy Belated Birthday! Melia, hope u like the dress, Ad, hope u like the fragrance thingy tho we later found out u're elergic to it. Swt! And jon jon, shit the fella, suppose to meet up with us! Ish! Hope u like ur prezzie as well.

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