Friday, October 17, 2008

Holly Matrimony...

It ususally starts off like this...

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today,
To witness the union between....

**Blah blah blah**

But then...

We TOTALLY missed it!

First and foremost, Congrats! to Shannon and Charmaine! Im never good with wishes, so wish u guys a happy and prosperous life together. And Shannon, may u be blissful. At least for the next 5 years or so.... After that, i pass u my condolences... LOL!

How did we miss the wedding ceremony? Well, let's juz say its a very very old tadition of the Chan family. Yeap! We all got the invites but no one took the iniative to look thru the TIME. @.@ We all tot it starts at 11am, but it actually begin at 10.30am! And the best part of it all was that me, bro, and jen were still at home at 10.45~! LOL! Mum and sis went earlier (thank goodness!) Coz sis was the organists for the wedding.

-The Newly Weds and the Chan Fly-

By the time we got there, they were about to say their vows to each other, lucky thing we didnt miss that. So after the ceremony, wad else do we malaysian do? EAT!! Haha.. Lunch was fantastic tho there was a frenzy rush to the food. Lucky thing the best man (Colin) announced "ladies and children first". Jenny was too caught up in the crowd she only took one tiny particle of food and didnt even bother the cutlery (that shows how massively huge the crowd of women only when it comes to food~! LOL! ). But with God's grace, the men were a lil more civilised and everything went in orderly fashion back again. haha.

Later that nite dinner was served at the prestigious Renaisance Hotel. It's so prestigious, i dont know if i got the spelling correct. Yeah so moving on, i had to wait till the hall was cleared till i could get this pics. Oh and we were kinda late for it as well. But lucky thing we're in MALAYSIA! Where nothing starts on time.. So the invite says 7pm (yup, we checked the time, trice!) but the dinner only started at 8smt. So since there were so much of free time waiting for food, apa lagi?

-Oh la la-

-Smt's wrong with the last pic-

Auntie Jessica was grabbing my butt in the pic @.@! Plus, had so much of wine and beer, my face turned red in an instant! Lethal Combo! But i can assure yall, i was totally sober then. Nope! NOT DRUNK! So when the grand ballroom finally open its doors to muah! Food is served!! And the best part of the menu was that booz and hard liquor was on free flow! LOL! From a few glasses of wine to beers to a few shots of whiskey. Yikes! And yet again, not forgetting, the food was totally outta this world.

The menu:

Renaissance's Eight Treasures Cold Cut Combination Platter
Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat
Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Supreme Thai Sauce (My Fav!)
Steamed Pomfret with Homemade Soy and Cilantro
Tiger Prawns with Spicy Garlic and Ginger
Braised Mushroom, Fungi Abalone with Dried Scallop & Vegetable
Wok-Fried Hong Kong Rice with Abalone Sauce
Chilled Honey Melon with Sago & Coconut Milk
Wedding Fancy Duets

During Dinner....

-The other newly Weds, Bro and Jen!-

-Ledionne couldnt get her hands off all the food! lol!-

-Like i said, there was a free flow of 'beverages'.
This was reaching the end of the nite -

So to sum it all up...

Shannon + Charmaine = Happy Newly Weds

Dinner + Alcohol = ME!

Chan Family + Punctuality = Never gonna happen!

All is well in the end. The couple finally got their happy ever after. I got me a good belly, the nite was swell. Missing someone constantly. Someday it'll be my turn. And i cudnt be happier if it were to be urs as well. Imagine... Our wedding day, with you rite there, holding my hand, next to me. **Wo0ts!**

-Took this pic for that someone-

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