Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unsettlingly settled in...

Have you ever been in a situation or was there a time when all you feel is hopelessness? Life is (as always) ever going so all you can and gotta do is keep on walking its stony pathway. Unknown to where it leads, you just gotta keep on walking for the mere reason of LIVING?


The only word that came to mind... A sudden question popped out in my mind, just like that. Outta no where. Wad was the question? Aint important, but the answer.... Now now, aint that just puzzling? For some reason, i just dont seem content with where my life is at rite now. Confusingly lost in my thoughts, Drowning in my ever flooded prison of emotions and constantly pacing away from all my doubts and toubling mind.

Aint nobody's fault. I just feel this way.

I may put on a fake smile every now and then. Its wad i always do anyways. No biggie. But nowadays i started asking myself. Why shud i? Should the world care if i was unhappy? Why am i taking care of what they feel instead of focusing on myself? Why is there so much anger in me still? Why am i like this? Why?!

I am not unhappy, I am simply not happy...

PS. Bubu doesnt like blogs...

Her Comment:
It aint rite reading your life from the internet...
(or smt like that)


I was watching MTV the other day. And i saw this video clip.

My perception:
Pretty cool.
Simple yet brilliant!
Makes me wonder...
(Thats wad i like about long road trips)
Love the ending of it.

Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes,
So that you can see mine.
Open your thoughts,
So that you can know mine.
Open your heart,
coz thats wad u gotta do!

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