Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome home you...

- Love is the Root of All Life -

So much has happened within these past few days, words can hardly describe the experience! Some may say it was an experience of a lifetime, others; something that doesn’t occur on a daily basis…


With too much to say and yet too lil time to ponder, and the turn of events which left me speechless, I shall just let the words flow rite outta my fingers!

Here goes!


It was such a relief to meet u once again… A mix of feelings rushed within the veins to my heart, the pain once felt was no longer there. All the wait and anticipation came down to that moment. And only that moment it is a true remarkable event that to only two hearts there is meaning in it. Tho it was only for a couple of weeks, every tip of strands of hair, the edge of such beautiful frame, the presence of my one and only I miss so dearly. There I hold u in my arms and never want to let u go. It felt so right that I never want it to pass. In my heart I say to you:

“Welcome home you”

I got me butt whooped in a game of one on one battle. But take note vengeance shall be done!! LOL!

- Some pickies me like which i took from snuckum's blog -


It was yet another awesome date with snuckums!

Earlier in the day, had to do my rightful responsibilities as a Christian and go to church. Had to rush back home to send mommy dearest and to change into something more… “Presentable”.

Just when I tot I was yet again late, I WASN’T!! Wo0ts! Waited for her at the KL sentral monorail stop and the guard there was totally keeping an eye on me the whole time! As if I was about to do something like bomb the station or smt… Ish! As she was walking towards the station, there I stood in the corner waiting to jumped rite up to her and present her with a red rose, a lady from the counter came out coz she forgot to take her change… LOL! But nevertheless the surprise came thru

So we made our way to Sg wang and walked around hunting for possible gifts. But snuckums skipped a few meals so after scouting the place for a while we ate at our new favorite restaurant, Madam Wong! Snuckums is addicted to the ButterMilk sauce there! Hahaha! Oh and lunch was on her… She made me promise not to pay for it. Tho I had a strong urge to, wad can I say, it’s become a norm in me that I juz cant rub off. Later on we decided to go to Low Yatt plaza to get me a Webbie! Its time I finally got one!! I had to say the sales assistant there is very helpful. Gave me all the info I needed and test out my new gear b4 purchasing it (it was his job anyways). Even got a bargain which I cant refuse (tho I was certain it could go lower but I din wanna be seen as a cheapsket!)

We were tired of walking back to sg wang so decided to move to Times Square to continue our hunt for the perfect gift. After all the crowd at TS were a lil more “civilised”. Meaning no pushing, shouting and especially NO SMOKING in air conditioned malls! I wanted to show her a view at the 10th floor but all we saw was ruins and remains of a haunted looking building. Sigh! But wad we got outta it was that taking lifts ride are fun! Hehehe! Had fun taking a small detour off the hot spots and juz go to the least visited spots there. But unfortunately, there are still smokers everywhere we go, damn potong stim wei… But it was one damn hilarious experience which both of us will never forget!

- Picture paints a thousand words -

So we continued walking around in search for something to catch our eyes and is uniquely special. We finally came to a shop which sells dresses at drop dead prices (I meant that in the good way). So we got one for a birthday girl, and I saw the glimmer in her eyes wen we were looking for a dress, and I decided to get her one too! Total act of impromptu-ness. LOL! I do hope she likes it. Tho she was in total denial of wanting it at first but I knew her too well that apart of her would want it. After getting it, in her blurr state of mind, she knows nothing of the purchase but later when she found out, she gave me a TOTAL SHOCKING SURPRISE!! That’s wad I love about her… She went to the restroom and slipped it on rite there and then. But the funny part was that her hand bag sooo0o did not match the dress. But needless to say, she was "oh la la" in the dress!! LOL!

At the end of the day, both of us were simply too tired to walk anywhere anymore, our feet were aching to the max wei! Decided to go back to sg wang and get a lil something we saw earlier. Hehe. As they say, the grandeur of everything is always at the end. Hence, it applies here. The grand finale was the memorable taxi ride back. Hehe. That’s all im gonna say.. =P


Was rushing to get my work done the whole morning, its like I cramp in 8 hours of work to only 4 hours. So to leave the rest of the day free for other plans. Im glad I did so. It was not a tiny bit short of a splendid afternoon / evening out. I am certainly glad I turn out to be “well-mannered” and a “typical gentleman” so to speak. That was according to someone. And I certainly am relieved of what a first impression I had on and became in good company with.

Not forgetting I had another shocking surprise yet again! Someone went to the salon and did something to her hair. Trust me wen I say this, my first glimpse of you took my breath away. I was stun in that moment, bedazzled in the beauty of what I saw…

Its funny how whenever your presence surrounds me, all that I am is nothing but joy and laughter. I truly appreciate your beauty, your smiles, the way u care, the things you do. The way I am with you. Most of all, I truly appreciate you being you. All memory of you I shall cherish. Kept in the heart of the beholder.

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