Friday, January 30, 2009

Priceless moments....

Tuesday - 27.01.09

Snuckums is back!!
Had nothing planned for the holidays, so my family and I decided to hit midvalley...
While snuckums had a totally frenzy rush back here
and a few set backs on the way
But the goodnews was that we got to meet up!

Was strolling around the mall only to find out almost half of the shops were still closed for the new year.
Snuckums got wad she wanted in La Senza
and poor me was forced to tag along...
Later went back to her crib
Got a chill a while and catch up before calling it a day.

Welcome home you!!!

Wednesday - 28.01.09

Happy 5th Anniversary to us!!!

This is actually the first time ever we got to spend our anniversary together...
The time was never right coz when the day of the month comes,
We either had something important going on or we're worlds apart
But that aint gonna be happening this time..
This time there aint gonna be no mountain high enough
aint gonna be no river wide enough.
and u know how the rest of the song goes...
What i was about to say was nothing can keep us apart on this day.

So head to pj, didnt know wad the plan was acutally
We were merely strumming a note after the other.
Then decided to have lunch in ss2 for some cheap chinese food since all there were at Jaya 1 was a lil over budget.
After all, recession is here...
Gotta start cutting down on everything.

There was a lil roadblock passing Universiti Hospital,
it seems the body of Kugan was there for a second post mortem..
The dude that died in police custody which is all over the headlines these days.
So what they did?
Block the roads leading to the Hospital..
creating a lil traffic havoc thus another awesome display of their professional incompetence
I mean blocking every route to the hospital?
C'mon man, absurdness to the max..

Got thru the forsaken traffic and met up with snuckums
and made our way to ss2...
It was sorta a last minute thing,
Got to meet up with Mel, snuckums' sis...
Oh, and Thanks a million for lunch Mel!

This mite get ur attention....


Thursday - 29.01.09

It was the our first time hitting a club together!!

Happy Birthday to Adrian!

In the olden days when it came to birthdays, its always an open house, partay hats, kiddy games like the electric chair simon says, and not forgeting the gifts! Hermm... not much has changed since then, but a lil more extra to the touche' stuff.

Well, number one, the drinks aint no more fruit punches, when u grow up its Heineken, Carlsberg and Mr JD. The games? Well, lets juz say simon says walk out the door and slam it shut and bring in kiss and blow, spin the bottle, blackjack, and truth and dares.

And what we do for the after partay? its pretty obvious....


So we head over to ben's place to chill and also to have dinner since its his 2nd CNY open house and not forgeting Mr Birthday Boy there. Had dominos and some home cooked porridge which rocked! The gang were gambling on blackjack and some were high on mahjong while me and snuckums entertain ourselves with some video games and songs. And u all know video games aint gonna keep us bz for long... So we juz had to do this.....

Camwhoring always has its effect...
Its addictive!!

This picture just took me to another level...

Check out the blings on the shades man...

Aint no reason to keep me from being geeking... LOL!

I specifically liked the view from his penthouse apartment.

Getting jiggy with it... na na na

Once we got there, it was time to turn the groove on and leave everything in the hands of Mr Tequila. But before that, we didnt really put some tot in about how we were getting in. I mean, ladies night is d-nite. But i totally forgot, snuckums is just 19... It was a heart rising moment thinking "wad if she cudnt enter?". So in my mind, plan B was to just hit some restaurants and do wateva. When she got thru the check, Plan A was back in motion!! Wo0ts!

I can tell by that expression, Snuckums was having a blast!
Actually, WE were having a blast!! LOL!

The drinks we had was a bottle of Tequila, which unfortunately finished within half an hour, a couple bucket of Heineken and Guinness beer, and last but not least a couple jugs of graveyards. It was mind blowingly "up-lifting".. LOL! C'mon, wads a nite out without some drinks? :P

Who's calling the shots?

Aww... look at the birthday cake!
So pwetty...

Cut it and wish it!!

Meet the playas for the nite!

Birthday boy finally got his wish come thru!
Meet the chickies for the nite!
But i've only got my eyes on ONE.. hehe!

Woohoo! Check out my "ROSIE" cheeks!

Bottoms up ppl!!

Go benji!!!!
Aww... the other lovey dovey couple...
Love is in the air..

Scandalous!! wo0ts!

He REALLY got his wish come true!!

err... i know being drunk is one thing.. but cute at the same time?
Wrong combo guys...

Guess enough is enough??
hahaha... think again!!

Aww.. look at the innocent face!!
This is strike ONE!!

Good boy gone bad!!
Strike TWO!!

Srike THREE!!
He's OUT!!!

Guess the guys took it the hard way...

Snuckums was still stable and aint nothing gonna stop her from camwhoring!

Which got me in the mood to camwhore as well!!
You see!
Its proven... addictive to the max!
At the end of the nite, the guys were out and about, the chickas was still in the game, and me and snuckums got the nite of our lives! It was a nite to remember. And note this, there will be another one coming!! It aint gonna be soon. But its coming! Thanx benji for helping out man! Hope to see yall soon!

"You dont measure your life by how many breath you take,
But you measure it by the many moments which takes your breath away..."


jazz said...

hahahaha well said about tat night.. hehe had a blast baby.. =)
cnt wait 4 the next! muakz..
tis time hopefull there will be less puking!

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

Well, come back soon k..