Thursday, January 8, 2009

A hole in one....

"In a few months / years from now,
i dont want u to look back at this and think;
he was selfish and didnt want me to do this for his own sake
But instead,
I want u to look back and think,
he's doing the best he can to make me happy
and all he cares about is my happiness..."

Words of wisdom rite before the moment where snuckums went and PIERCE HER LIPS! Tho i was mostly reluctant to say yes, or to even agree to such drastic measure. It was wad she wanted to do and i didnt wanna rob her of this.. but i do appreciate her offering not to do it for my sake. But then again, how could i ever bring myself to such lowly depths of selfishness? The words of wisdom, tho it was from my own mouth to her, i needed it more, to convince myself that its all gonna be fine. Coz we made a pack that it was only gonna be for a month or less and that she would not be wearing it with me around. So, as of rite now, am chilling...

Tada!! A silver mole!!

But before all that, met snuckums at Central Market, it was her first time there i think, and she was so excited when she got there, she somehow manade to do a lil shopping. After that, since we were so clueless on where to eat, snuckums picked Secret Recipe.

What's with the baby face?

Snuckums staring at the office ppl next to us...

Im drooling already!!

oh, and we got this free as a complimentary snack...
We were kinda blurr at first coz i actually send this back to the counter thinking they misplace our order or mixed it up with someone else's!
Damn the malu wei..haihhz

So after piercing, i needed to get some stuff done in church, so snuckums tagged along and help out! Thanx baby!! You were awesome!! Great help from ya. I wudnt know when i'll finish if u werent there. Its all coz of u.... Thank you!

Snuckums at St Mary's Cathedral KL

After snuckums left, went on with work till it was dark. Glad its over with. Hopefully this year it wont be as hectic as it was last christmas. Putting up the deco was hell, taking it down was unimaginable. Plus, church politics arent always a good content in any topic to discuss. The idiotic, brainless, no-do-gooders ppl around, u feel as tho they dont allow u to serve god. Who the fcuk are they to question me and my work for god? Were they even there to witness the work in progress? The friggin hard work i put in with the rest of them and all they can do is sit back and critique? Who are they to question any of this shit! Good thing mum got her stand, and trust me, u dont wanna get in her way when she's mad. Its her way on the highway. So fcuk u church ppl and ur politics!! Screw u all to kingdom come!!

Took this before leaving church..
For some reason, the word werewolf come to mind with this pic.


jazz said...

lol scary pic.. hehe bt its nice!!

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

compliments to the photographer!