Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post mortem...

Post Mortem Meeting for Icebreaking Jan Intake 2009

A meeting unlike any other, normally chairs would be flying and tables upside down but somehow, all was good and HILARIOUS!!

Good comments were given, none of the bad. There were not many complains to deal with anyways. Tho a few of the committee members werent there, the meeting was a good way to close a job well done. A standing ovation to both committees for maming it a successful one!

Agnes and Joy, the two chairperson incharge of handling the event.


After the meeting, we went to oldtown to chill with the committee members from our side. Laughters all around and the widest smile to evryone, it was obvious the group have no hard feelings for each other.

Thats wad i call "Roti Bakar!"

Me and Jiew Jek, the Security and Logistics Manager

Alicia, the Secretary and Photographer of the day.

Joy, our chairperson...
The expression says it all.
Oh, its her new hair cut btw...

I never really like oldtown that much, coz of the very lil portion of food they give and the price goes above average. Why pay more when u can eat more at cheaper prices? The only thing thats good was my fav flavoured coffee, Hazelnut. That oso they give very lil.

Later met up with snukums and went back to her crib, she got a few dvds earlier so we decided to watch Street Kings. Will post the reviews later on when i have the time. All in all, it was a great day!

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