Saturday, January 24, 2009


Monday - 19.01.09

As most of u ppl know, i've been bedridden and out for abit.
So basically nothing much has happen...
I mean, what can i say?
It aint an adventure being in bed.
even my dreams has been pretty ordinary these days...

Lame-o period of my life be gone!!

Wednesday - 21.01.09

Finally, its back to L.I.F.E!!
had to go back to uni (thank goodness! finally outta the house!) for the auditions of Star idol.
its an acting competition btw
Emceeing for the event coming up in Feb..
and im glad to have hand picked my emcee partner of my choice!
Many cheers for a debut making her way up on stage,
Helen Chong!!
At least someone i could work with..

Anyways, the audition was...
lets juz say unlike any other.
In my head i was thinking the prestigeous american idol...
wad took place was...
Malaysian mamak teh tarik idol
I mean the contestants werent really that serious in their acting,
A hand full of em were seriously good tho
others were forgetably a waste of time.
the organizers didnt really provide ample details on what im suppose to annouce
even the plans let alone the back up plans in event of a flop of nature...
But the best part was when klutzy helen forgot to close her water bottle and it was in her bag!!
and everything in it worth up to rm3k!!
even the bag worth a bundle!

That expression worth a million bucks!! LOL!

But before all that.,
the worst part of the day was to see snuckums off..
She was to leave for penang earlier in the day
10.00am turned to 11.30am
and it stalled all the way till 3pm....
wasted some precious time waiting which we cud've spend watching a movie.

This was actually the main reason of me dragging my sorry sick butt outta bed
The most important thing was to see her for the last time this week.
and to capture a memory portrait of that smile of hers!

Met up with helen at old town,
was too late to cancel with her since she was already on the way there..
So brot snuckums along for breakfast...
it was fun!
Helen with her bimboness...
but snuckums spaced out for abit coz she too was sick...
A table of sick ppl..

After brunch, had to rush off to PC for the auditions...
So we said our goodbyes
Wait, No goodbyes...
I'll be seeing ya soon!!

Im gonna miss u baby
Take care

Thursday - 22.01.09

Its my official day back to classes..
it wasnt all that bad actually.
it wasnt all that good too if u're asking me
Tho in class there were much to absorb and only so lil that i can take in at a time..
Information overload!
I rather them provide notes BEFORE entering the class
coz there is no use if the lecturer is mumbling infront and we have absolutely no reference and no clue what the jubirish is happening!!

So after class me, helen, jimmy n roy went to ss2.
Since the loan is out, they went to the bank to settle their bill while we waited in the car in the friggin scorching hot sun!!

Ate wantan mee...
tho its not my fav-est meal around..
it was the only option i had besides porridge which i've been having all week.
Good and proud to say, I finished it!!
Hello appetite!!!

We were suppose to have a group discussion study on the presentation we were gonna have the day after.
but i guess that flew out the window... hehe
Helen wanted to cruise by Mc'ds all coz of one tiny lil ice cream..
and we were already much outta time
so after much discourageement from us that it'll definitely add up loads of calories,
she gave up on that..

I dun know if this was meant to be or some itchy being stick this poor lil criter here.
taken at PF block....

Friday - 23.01.09

I always make a big fuss when it comes to presentations
as if i was preparing for d-grandeur of the century..
y? to always impress my audience ofcoz.
but this time its most unlike all that i've done...

Firstly, we were totally unprepared.
The article we were given as ref was straining for the brain man
To me and the rest of the group, it was pure jubirish!!
A big thanks to Wikipedia for the huge help
I was just using my common sense mostly
i didnt even understand wad was coming outta my own mouth
untill soon i realise i was teaching myself as i speak
weird i know
and the best part of it all was when the lecturer said it was a job well done...
and she hopes other teams put in as much effort as we did
In my head i went bezerks!!
To start off with, what effort?
I wasnt really expecting this...
oh well, guess it was LUCK!

When class ended, i guess my luck ended as well...
Since no one was goin for the next class which is a 3 hour wait away
decided to just head home
plus, the dreading headache wasnt helping staying at uni
only half way home did i notice that i didnt have my keys...
So had no other choice but to go over to mum's office to grab my keys
here's the funny part...
mum's office is just around the corner from uni...
that being said, i had to go all the way back to uni
in the blazing hot sun
with every nerve in my head banging against each other.

After taking my keys, was determine enuf to make my way back to uni
u know since class was gonna start anyways, so mite was well get the attendance
so was walking all the way, hop up the bus..
only to realise that i hopped on the bus which was heading the wrong direction
totally spaced out!!
this may be a sign saying i still need to be in bed!

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