Tuesday, January 6, 2009


After much runnin arounds, a series of ongoing events, the ever prolonging meetings, the repeating rehearsals, test run of events, and celebrations, it has finally came to a complete halt!

Needless to say,
I need to rejuvenate my body (aching all over),
Revive my inner spirit (remove the sense of boredom in handling events),
Restore my studying mood and set go on the books (classes starting next week),
Refresh my perspective on things (its all about getting back on track),

But before all that,

Yeah, i've been saving drafts instead of posting em entries. As of rite this instance, a chance to do my sworn devotions i get. So instead of looking for wads new in the next few days, scroll down and have a peek.

At the end of the day,
I clearly see it,
I prefer my world upside down,
Chaotic and devastating as it is,
The end seems near,
A place where i find peace and serenity,
The blue ocean sweep its calmness in,
The red horizon score across the sky,
Etching its colors in my world for the last time,
While the tiny lights shine in the darkness around,
Telling me its time.

With the final glimpse, I end the chapter with these words...

No regrets.
It was a good run.
It was swell.

Pic taken from my balcony

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jazz said...

love the pic baby..