Tuesday, December 16, 2008


In 365 days in a year... I would say the probability of me getting sick is only 5 days. Today is one of em. Started out with a flu when i came back from carolling on sunday nite and today came the headache and the fever. Definitely the most crappiest illness i've got all year round and it cudnt have come at a greater time. Swt!
Been duin some cleaning of the crib lately, not much just moving stuff around. I cant sit still in a room and do nothing all day long (even when im sick!). Must be feeling the christmas spirit. Its all about the preparation ppl!! The house is repainted!! Deco's up! The Tree's up!! After so many years of having a Tree-less Christmas... This year is gonna be Boom bo0m bang!!

Tasha is back from Down Under!! Sounded friggin wrong.. But u got the point... I want pickies girl!! Specifically saying pickies from the beach!! LOL! And the fact that made me Lmao! was how she describe Aussie...

"The guys were AaaaaaAAArgHHhh!! and the beach was Whoah!!"

They really know how to express themselves huh? Or is it just tasha being tasha? LOL! Welcome home tasha!! Will meet up soon!

I've got a new phone!! *Standing ovation!!*
I can hear everyone saying...
"Finally!! It's about time!!!"
Sony Ericson C902
It's the all new James Bond edition...

It's features:
5megapixel Camera
Face detection
Intergrated Flash
Video Recorder
8x Optical Zoom
Awesome Music player
Radio Transmission
MIDI Player
Mp3 Player

Basically everything i wanted it a phone!!
As of rite now, i've got 2 proper phones!! 1 for general usage and the other totally devoted to snuckums! Wo0ts!!

All i need now is to get better...
I gotta!

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jazz said...

me soo the loving your phone!! heheh but dun worrie i still love u more.. xp
get well soon!