Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On your 18th...

Happy Birthday!!!

22 December 2008
On this very special day, I want to make it a memorable one...
Not of the year, but for this eternity.
Put a smile on your face,
Your laughters be heard,
18 candles blown out with breaths of joy,
Presents opened with a thrilled heart,
Cards read with tears of happiness...

All this i want for your birthday.
I wish you...
After weeks of hard planning, it finally came down to this day. All the while hoping everything would go as planned. Nothing would go wrong. Let everything fall in its place. Then again, as the law of mother nature goes, nothing ever does go as plan.

The Planning Stage

PRESENTS!! its all about presents!! So since i cudnt make up my mind on what to get her, y dun i just get her several stuff. And in occasion to her 18th birthday, Whoala!! Thats where i got the idea of 18 gifts. That i know would totally be of suprise. And none that i have ever done b4.

Step 1: The list!!

Creating the list based on her interest, hobbies, and the lil things which guys somehow tend to go by without noticing. 18 items of her, all about her and nothing but her. But the tragedi starts here. It aint as easy as i tot it would be... I mean, the budget i was sure of was gonna be strainful, but i never tot about the effort which comes with it. So as time passes by, the list differ lil by lil which equals to many blundering headaches and the totally wreacking aftershocks that follows. In the end, the alteration to the list vary so much, it became a new list... and the process repeats over n over... Untill the last and final draft.

Step 2: Planning the day!!

Planning the presents took so much of my time and attention, i didnt had much deliberation over the day itself. So, the furthest i went on planning was a surprise for her. The plan was to meet up at her crib, and just hang out. But thats as far as she knows. The actual plan was to gather her frens together and give her a huge surpise, boom boom, bang bang.. Whoala!! Birthday Cake, the birthday song, blowing out candles and open up pressies.. Etc. And from there onwards i was just gonna play by ear. Mb at nite clubbing or just hit the movies... The end.

Lil did i know that it was gonna be a hard and tiring weekend before her bigday. It was the carolling weekend for me. Infact the last of carolling 2008. Equals, late nites, all day plans, and no energy. Weeks of planning, sneaking out under her nose to get everything in the list, straining budgets, and unlimited demand of effort, came down to one day. Wow! At least that wasnt stressing enuf. Things got worse....

The dilemma:

Was entirely booked and busy just the week before. The worse thing of all, beyond all things imaginary, was to juggle everything at one go. Everything important to me had to be on hold. Juggling the many different aspects in my life, my family, my chores, my work at uni, christmas duties at church, frens, keeping everything cool with her which means not letting even a tiny bit of the plans slip out, acting normal around her (that took the most of me) and still executing the plan. I was pushed to way beyond my limit. At a few points within those few weeks, i cudnt take it anymore. I was at the edge of my sanity. The only thing that kept me going was the want to give her a memorable 18th. So with that as my objective, i kept everything going as it must. The fact that i was doing everything by myself, none of my family knew about my plans, and so they tot i was freaking free. So in comes the work load, and that too i had to juggle with. With christmas hauling around the corner, likewise, the work load grew with church duties and events that didnt help abit with the situation. The busiest time of the year, got busier.

So to all my frens and especially to my family, if i didnt have time for anything, i tried... The best that i can. It was hard. but i tried. I guess that explains why i was being sleepy and a slacker all month long. If i was bz, i was really bz, if i was free all i wanted to do was rest and sleep. So forgive me for snapping easily and not having the energy to take part in any family activites. And to her, my apologies for the unreplied msges, no return calls, and for sometimes what seems to be ignoring her. My hands were really tied, and i didnt wanna spoil anything for ya.

As the time drew near, it was a bz weekend ahead, alot more had to be done, the list wasnt even completed, everything fell outta place. And just when u think it cudnt have gotten anymore worse, the WORST happen just in the nick of time. It was the "PERFECT" time to get SICK and and having the only ability to stay in bed. Yeap! Pressure overload.... It was the big man's way of telling me it's time to stop and REST! But u know me and my stubbornness. There's never a roadblock to keep me away from my objectives so i stayed in bed for 2 full days till its back to uni with work, and had to bring up the act with snuckums so that she wont notice anything's up. Altho i was still in the stages of recovering, i just had to push on. Within the followin weekend, was pack with church stuff. Namely, Carolling and the christmas partay!! Which equals, busy all day and late nites. That just leaves exactly no time for the planning. And her birthday's rite after the weekend!!! So i had to skip the partay, that got me a few hours on the planning. And so i spend 2 sleepless nites of the weekend which eventually got me back on track a lil. Kinda.

On the day itself, i already got more than half of the gifts done. The rest just gotta wrap em or make em. Now, making em was hard enuf, but when u're rushing and having it done on the day itself? Holly smokes!!! I didnt even take time off to breath!! In conclusion, i got 17 gifts ready and wrapped up. The last one.... I made some minor adjustments, and the goodnews is.. I still made it up to number 18. Wo0ts!! The bad news is, i was rushing so badly, i didnt notice i was so friggin late to meet up with her. And in between wrapping gifts and making em, i had to ring up everybody to set the plan rite. It was one helluva experience!

I was suppose to meet up with her after her classes at 3pm, but it turns out that was the time i left my place. I was so late. Plus, i cudnt take a cab straight, coz i had to help her mom get her prezzie all the way in town itself. So there i was running up the bus with a ridiculesly huge box, where everyone was staring. When i got to town... I tot to myself, great!! Now i have a huge bouquet of flowers in my right hand and on the left, a huge friggin box. Likewise, the stares continued. Running up the bus again i was wishing real hard for a third hand to immediately grow outta whereva to help with the stuffs.

When the nitemarish journey was over (that was when i manage to get down the bus) ran all the way to newsjuntion to meet up with the group there. Newsjunction coz i had to print a letter from auntie to her as part of the surprise. From there thank god they helped with the load and went to secret recipe to get her fav Choc Mudcake. LOL!! And from there... The moment we've all been waiting for...

The surprise begin! She tot that it was just gonna be me and her... so i just walked in with the bouquet of flowers and well, the rest was to follow behind while i was to distract her in the mean time. So we went in the room, i gave her the flowers, she read the letter while i was praying "oh god plz let it be a surprose to her" clinging on to my phone waiting for their signal which was suppose to be a missed call or mb a msg, so since i cudnt wait i told her to call her mum and thanked her for the flowers n all while i go check on wads taking the gang so long to light up the candles on the cake... I walked outta the room, and helped out and when we were ready... we all stood rite outside her door, lights off, ready to scream surprise. But now, the problem was how to get her outta the room without givin away the surprise. So i made up some crap story that the mc'd guy came to the house and asked her to checked if she missordered or something...

As she walked out, all of us SCREAMED!!! and whoala!! The plan was somehow successful... And altho the birthday song was so skrewed up coz everyone was singing their own version of it, im juz glad that the surprise went thru... LOL!

Here's wad u've been waiting for.. PICKIES!!

18 candles for your 18th birthday!!

Make your wish baby!!

Snuckums with the Teh Tarik gang...

Snuckums with her frens: Bri and Kalaii

Did i mention i havent eaten all day?
Shall i compare thee to a bunch of rosses?

Thou art more love than its petals...

THe huge box i was talking about, Where i stuffed all 17 gifts in...

I hope u like the card...
It was last minute. But the card was essential..

Look at that expression! Priceless!

This was how it looked like inside...

Prezzie no.1

Prezzie No.2

Prezzie no.3
She's a ladybug freak!

Prezzie no.4
Its a drawing pad btw.. incase u were wondering..

Prezzie no.5
Sayang likes to draw...

Prezzie no.6
She likes to paint too!!

Prezzie no.7
Snuckums gotta get organized!!

Prezzie no.8
There wasnt any clock in her room at all...

Prezzie no.9
Snuckums love these!!

Prezzie no.10
She has a thing for candles...

Prezzie no.11
Glory Glory!! Im sooo glad it fit perfectly!!

Prezzie no.12
Our rhythms, our grove...

Prezzie no.13
What she means...

Prezzie no.14
Hope u like it...

Prezzie no.15
It looks good on ya!!

Prezzie no.16
A key chain engraved our pickie in it...

Prezzie no.17
Will u say i do??? LOL!

So this is was it looks like when its all opened!!

Yeah so i said it was only 17 and on the 18th i made a few adjustments, yeah... so instead of givin it to her, I read it out to her. It was a poem... Of us, our memories, trippin together, our laughs, everything about us. Altho it aint finish yet, but i almost put tears in her eyes.. and also in mine while reading. So later we just hang out for a while. Especially me coz i need the rest. Finally!! LOL!

Since i've only planned until that far, i really felt like a huge burden got lifted off my chest!! As tho i feel lighter in terms of mental stability. All looking forwards to ends rite there at that moment. and soon i began to realise! Its gonna be christmas soon!! And i havent give a single tot about it yet!! Snapped!!

So since the pressure was off, i tot about givin her a lil bit more than just the surpise earlier, so i made an impromptu decision to go hit the movies... Well, it was either the movies with comfortable seats or its clubbing with loud music and dancin like a maniac when i was all already energy-less. Thats y i went with the movie. LOL!
Snuckums playing with my phone while waiting for me...

So we head to midvalley and luck was on our side coz we got good seats (twin seats) to watch the day the earth stood still. Was serious awesome seats. It cudnt have gone any better. So we went and had chow while waiting for the show to start at 9.30pm. Was a lil lazy to walk around, plus havent had a proper meal the whole day + not enuf sleep at all... We settled for Carl's Jr. Which was directly oppposite the cinema. LOL! The burgers there was seriously huge... As in bigger than the Burger King's Whooper!! And ofcoz when the size increases... The price follows as well...
Oh well, but since it was an occasion to remember, what the heck!!!
This was her meal...

Mine was the Mushroom Special..

Notice the empty mall?
The only time we could camwhore without ppl staring... LOL!
So after the movie ended, we had to rush straight back home b4 midnight so that the taxi fares wont go sky rocketing high. The worst part of it all, it wasnt even midnite yet and the taxi cabs are already asking for fixed amount which was 4 times more than the usual one.. I kept with my cool and turned em down. Gladly, there was one who actually was willing to use the meter! Which actually turns out to be a she... I was so bummed in the cab coz i called her an "encik" earlier on. LOL!

All in all, i hope u had a wonderful splendid time.
Also, one of ur best birthdays ever.

"It's something unpredictable, but in the end there's right,
I hope u have the time of your life...."


The next day!!
Snuckums got me my christmas prezzie ady!!
Got all so excited!! Hehe!
Me love opening gifts!
How do i look?
No matter what, me love the tee!!
Just the rite size and its my fav color!
Im crazy about green these days!

Later on went to uni and got these cool shots!

And overthere, we said our farewells!..
It was in that moment where i took a memory picture of her...
Till i could behold the beauty of you before my eyes...
There wasnt any goodbyes,

"I'll see you again soon!"


jazz said...

baby thats the sweetest thing ever~ muAKZ~ i is so the speechless!i love u!

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

Anything for u baby..
Love u loads!