Thursday, December 4, 2008


By Snuckums!!
The rules to fill this are:
1) You own a blog where you're gonna post this to,
2) You currently feel bored,
3) You won't skip any question,
4) You're alive (duh!),
5) You're gonna send this to 5 friends to fill these up.


Firstly, describe the current you in 5 words
-Lost, Bored, In Love, Angry, Dissappointed-

5 things you love about life
-Family, Frens, Love, Games, Life itself-

5 famous person you'd love to meet
-Jessica ALba, Sir Alex Furgeson, Jessica Stroup, Myself (when i do get famous! So the perasan!)-

5 movies you love
-300, Transformers, LOTR, Eagle Eye, Quarantine-

5 professions you'd love to have
-Veejay, Deejay, Freelance Model, Vacationer, Food Critic-

5 best authors
-Not applicable!-

5 inspirations
-Family, Music, frens, Snuckums, Films-

5 favourite stuff
-My new Hoodie (prezzie from snuckums!), Another Hoodie from snuckums (tho i dun hav it nemore *sobs*), *Only have two* Man.. i gotta have more stuff!!!

5 things you hate
-Misunderstandings, Ego-ness, Perverts, Chelsea FC, Fights-

5 favorite places

5 girls/guys you are currently liking (like only)
- all human beings-

5 favorite people to chat with
-Snuckums, Tasha, Cerenna, Audrey, Eric-

5 things you wanna improve more about yourself
-Emo, Proper Conduct, Anger, Possessiveness, My words-

5 things you would take to a deserted island
-Snuckums, Cable TV, My closest peeps, A movable Mansion, A 24hour worldly wonders cuisine restaurant-

5 places you wanna visit
-Old Trafford, Paris, The Countryside of London, New Zealand, Cuti Cuti Malaysia!-

5 things you really want
-Cash, More time with Snuckums, Freedom, Wiped out 1st dec of the Calender, Dominos Pizza (coz im reallyhungry rite now!)-

5 songs make you cry most
-Crazy Love, Home, Pieces, Unbelivable, Storm-

5 most fashionable friends according to you
-Sis, Snuckums, Tasha, Helen, Jimmy-

5 people you love most
-Snuckums, Mom, Bro, Sis, The last one is blank!! -

5 impossible dreams
-Being in bed with Top models, singing on stage in American Idol, Driving a Lamborghini, Elected US President, Working behind the table!-

5 dreams in the future
-Move in with Snuckums, Be wad i wanna be, Drive an Acceptable Speedster, Be Happy, Be rich!-


Now, send this to 5 people:

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