Monday, December 29, 2008

Pocketing the Day...

The sundays after christmas are usually empty and uncrowdly. This week was none the less was one of em. The congregation grew in dividing factors so as the choirs and not to mention the servers. It was only me and bubu thru out. where did the rest go? Some were outstation, some din even bother showing up. And as usual Tasha overslept!! The lame-est and the dull-est sundays are always after huge great events in church.

Eventho everything seems mellow to the sorrows, it wasnt all that bad esp when it came to communion, we had a guest preacher, Dean The Very Rev Peter Garland from Australia. And what usually happens when a guest preacher comes over especially from another country, they seem to know lil about our customs and traditions of our church. Now that when the guest are not being guided by one of our priest, and has to take a service all by themselves. The funny part begins. So my part in all of this begin as a server, and this actually took place... A Dean of another Church ACTUALLY asked me in front of the whole church and quoting "What do i do next??"

I got christmas prezzies from Jamie and matthew! And me LOVE it!! Its so cool!! Oh and the surprising fact was when both of em spent almost RM500 just on us!! Wow!! I believe i speak on behalf of all of em when i say WE love u both and Thank You so so so so much!! LOL! Oh and what i got? A tee from Echo Park!! Awesomeness!

So after church went for breakfast when i was only told off last minute.. (sorry dree, had to ditch ya like that) My humblest apologies! Breakfast was a stoner.. Thats all imma say. And after that bro planned to go TV shopping... So we tagged along...

Sis was glued to this screen..
I fell asleep on this couch waiting for bro to make up his mind!!

On the way back to his place (again i didnt know anything) the sky was awesomely breath taking! I mean, after all the rain and the blazing heat, who would have tot the weather would return to this perfect temp and the view!! Oh la la!

The advantages of having a camera phone! LOL!

So when we finally got to bro's, and after series of dozing off in the car, the first thing bro did. Test his brand new Plasma Tv. Sigh! And the first thing he tested was on his ps2. Swt! Then again, i tried it too! It was fantastic! Having a huge wide screen for gaming! Adding another thing to my list!! LOL!

I was bored as u can tell...
Plus, snuckums' request!!

While chillin there, cudnt take it anymore, totally got knocked out as soon as i hit the bed! Just so u know i slept for only 2hours the nite before. And when i woke up, everyone was already finishing their meal. We had steamboat, and for the first time i had 5rounds of food!! LOL! Guess my stomach is still in the christmas mood.


At nite, decided to meet up with the gang.. And i didnt even know the old froggy was back in Malaysia! The bugger ditched us and went to on down under.. Probly his "habitats" demands it. Lmao!! Went for a few rounds of pool and yesh!! Woo0ts!! i finally won the old fella!! While the rest stood by and watch.

Welcome home Tien Guan aka Frog!!!

Do you see the intensity of the game? LOL!

But then i forgot dinner, so we took a break went down to grab a bite! The Telur Bistik there was excellent! Altho it was much more than i can chew, im glad to say, i finished it! LOL! Then got bored again, so we went for another game. But this time we went for snooker. It was seriously draggy! Everyone lost their formed. The game went on and on... LOL!

Was missing you thru out it all...
Was so wishing i could be with u.
and im still counting down till u're back in my arms!
Got home and got to talk to her on the phone.
Had a very nice long chat...
Missing u more after that!

Snuckums sent this to me, during one of the game... No wonder i got distracted!
She's my superhero..
My super girl.
and she looks sizzling hot!!

Missing u like crazy baby!
Will be seeing u soon!


jazz said...

pai say.. ishh.. didnt knw ull upload the superman.. pai say.. so the hodoh! lmao

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

No la..
So the sizzling hot hot hot!!
Like lava hot!
bleh! :P

Irwin said...

that t-shirt..dui..