Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shit on me...

Wake up feeling the worst i could ever feel... Almost vomited blood. That was how bad my cough got. Even so, at least the fever is gone. And the headache sudsided. Im getting better. Slow but sitll getting better...

Today's activity: Running errands. Going to the banks. Settle my bills. Send mum's shoe to the cobbler. Head to the salon (its about time). Catch up with some work. GET BETTER!!

So i left for the bank first, the moment i got to BSN, the crowd there was "Holly Crap!". It was like everyone decided to go the bank today. It was so crowded, today has to be offcially "Go to the bank day". So i went on to Public bank and the crowd there wasnt so bad. And since i dont need to take a number or queue in line to settle my bill there. Thanx to a direct counter just for Utar students! Woohoo!! Went back to BSN, took a number... Left to the cobbler. And by the time i got back, there was still a 15 number gap to mine. I got an earful by the guard for using my mobile in the bank. So i had to walk out just to sms. Huhu. And the bank was seriously short handed. Only ONE counter open thru out the day? Are you friggin kidding me?!!! Later, went to the mamak closest coz i was dying out of hunger, chilled there for a bit and did some work there as well. cant do work at home, coz upstairs were doing some renovation. So its drilling and knocking all day long. Aint helping with the headache i was having!!

So when i got home, the worst possible shit happened. I got literally SHIT on!!! LITERALLY!! Apparently chino was dumb enuf to shit on himself. and then sat on me... Swt! I came back to rest, coz the headache got so bad at the mamak... Ended up bathing chino, sweep, mop, wash the toilets, dishes, and blow dry chino...

My revenge!! Wakakaka!!

This is zella saying:
Wad up dog?!!

Went to the salon after all that...
Meet my salonist.
The only person i trust touching my hair!!
Guess wad?
He is Man Utd too!! Wo0ts!

Wa lah!!! Poof!!

At the end of the day...
Im so friggin beat!!
Off to the showers and bed!!

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jazz said...

alalala!! pt chino!! u evil!! hehe sorry about the bank thing! heheh.. btw.. my sis said u bay pai say put the pic of yaself up huh? lmao!! heheheheh and tat hotmama reads ur blog! xp