Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights, Camera, and... Laughs!!

Shooting the video for the upcoming event..
Star Idol
When all that is set in the script to be an extra cool, serious macho guy to portray following the theme and the atmosphere of the event. There was certainly much hilarious bursting out loud laughters going on behind the scenes... And it was all taken from my mp4! LOL!

On the left, the innocent child.. and on the right, the total "kiasu" machine gun mouth!

The director givin an earful to em!! Bad actors! LOL!

The host of the event!! MUah!!

Was bored in between breaks...

Oh! and alot has changed since i last went to uni... Specifically saying, its toilet. Just when you think flyers are everywhere scattered all over the streets, the longkangs, and the temboks, you thought wrong... And just when you think the general-est sign all over the world and the use of common knowledge was adequate on campus grounds. It somehow... fell short by a mile!
Guess someone was trying to improvise the technique of visible advertising...

Obvious much?!!

My pickie of the week...
LAdies and Gents!
I present you...
The male toilet in FCI faculty PC.
(As tho we never knew...)

Next up!
Utar Idol....


jazz said...

me wan c vids! Sayang camwhore.. lmao!

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...