Friday, November 28, 2008


Dont know why, its 5.00am and i cant sleep! Was feeling friggin crappy the whole nite... All coz of one stupid sms. And then i had to be so gatal-fied and read up history. Got worst crappified. But then thanx to ppl bugging other ppls soul.. that actually saved me from well.. MYSELF!!

Introducin, my new bff!! wo0ts!
Here's a pickie of her..

Reminising those days...

Thanx for the temaning all nite... hehe. Your kaypohness is good for my health! Who knows i may have turned into a serious Psychopath! LOL! And thanx for hearing me out toO! Im way past the crappy stage now btw and am friggin hyped up on all the stories.... Didnt know we had so much in common. Lmao! Plus, we were WTF-ing all the while i totally forgot im suppose to cut down on em words. :S

It was DC-fied to the maximun! Chatting like nobodies biz, and talking crap so much we din even bother cencoring anything... LOL! Oh, and thanx for sharing the Golden KEy thingie. I seriously didnt know that till now. Well, let's just hope i get one on my birthday. Wakaka! *Hint hint, to the humans reading my blog* Oh oh! and thanx for making me Lmao with the dream u had! You're so the friggin weird.. but awesome! Haha... It was a lil OUT la dreaming it that way.. but who the hell cares? Enjoy it while it lasts man! U shud have ur piece of cake more often.. then can share more yummy dreamy stories! LOL! No matter how far it gets... Always think W.W.J.D...

But seriously tho, there aint no cure to this, there aint any medicine in the universe that could stop this in me. I've gotta get it outta my system. Eventually. Before it eats me up. Before it turns me back. Before it takes the better of me. Before i lose yet another...

We'll juz see a few months down the road..
It's all part of being in it.
The fun part :D

Damn sleepy now, mind cannot think....
Need sleep desperately!!
I promised i buzz snuckums up b4 going to bed!!
But dun really wanna wake her..
Sleep ahoy!

Hungry la pulak.
Makan ahoy!!

P.S Thanx for the facts and experience! Kalau salah sila tunjuk ajar!
And no i aint waiting for Christmas thank u very much!

Die u evil thing!!!!

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