Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Birthday *Bash*

Yesterday we celebrated black coffee Kristine The Gangta K Birthday at uni... We had to make it a pre event since her birthday is only this Sun (30 Nov) for it to be a surprise!! And heck did we make an impression! We got her all shaky and studdery she didnt even see the cake which was rite next to her! Wakaka!

The scene was like this:
She walks into the room, and Amelia, Adlyn and myself was in the heat of dispute over some nut situation... (Many furious words were bluntly spoken out and aiming everywhere in the room)

The part where we all know we have to give it up was wen Adlyn started to laugh. ish!! So started the counting and then the Hapyp Sing along... LOL! She had to feed all of us the cake starting from the elders (Ganesh) to the most junior who was Jessica. And then in comes the crowd sumbating the cake in her mouth. It was all full of "Lmao-ing moments". Especially when we all had a chance to Bash the birthday girl up. I got her cheeks! Wakaka! Certainly one to remember...

Before opening her prezzie, she had to tell us 12 of her most deepest and dirtiest secrets which was...

On second thought, come and ask me if u wanna know.. hehe!


Later i had to rush all the way back to PC for a meeting with the icebreaking committee. It went on for soo long without any break and it was prolonging the hours to the extreme. Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours...

The room was like a jail cell and i was waiting for my term to finish. They kept running outta topic. The objectives set werent discuss on schedule. The planning were all so messed up. Imagine planning the mini goals of an event without setting the major ones first... All in all, i had to either stop their convo to get back on track, or speak to the chairperson on a private note just so we get past an objective. The ideas that came in were with pointless, no meaning wadsoeva arguments, suggestions were uselessly dumb. And none of em even notice the extended therapy. The only good part of it was the end. Why? Coz it's the END.

At last, the perfect way to unwind the day and to relax was Mc'ds dinner with snuckums. Sadly... that oso had a few bumps. The burgers werent fresh at all, and the fries were soggy. Oh well, at least i could rely on the company im with.

Saw this at the entrance of Jaya1...
Figured a picture with a sesat kes car would do it rite...
I guess the road along jaya1 desperately needs to add the numbers of parking lots.

HAppy Birthday Kristine!!

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