Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Consecration for the Ordained...

For the past two days, I've been going in and outta church and b4 that i spent 11 hours working nonstop to help prep up the church for the events.

Wad are the events?

Wednesday - Ordination of 3 Cannons and 2 Archdeacons.
Thursday - Consecration of 2 Asst. Bishops.

Yeap! As expected, a massive crowd showed up in the cathedral. Its amazing how that many could make it for a weekday afternoon than a sunday morning. All the once/twice a year church comers came to show their faces and even unfamiliar ones. Guess i'll be seeing em again come Christmas! LOL!

Okie, so here's wad i learnt thru out the event...
The Hierarchy Chart of an Anglican Priestlyhood.

Seminarians - Basically Students learning.
Deacons / Deaconeses - Have the rite to administer Patens and Chalice during Holly Eucharists
Clergy - Priesthood
Cannons - Holly Dudes with cool superman capes (and colorful)
Archdeacons - Holly Dudes with cooler capes (and more colorful)
Deans - Holly Dudes incharge of their respective Churches
Asst. Bishops - Holly dudes always with Purple shirts.
Bishops - Very Holly Dudes incharge of their repective Diocease
Archbishops - The Holliest dudes incharge of their respective Province.
Archbishop of Canterbury - Dude is as high as the Pope.

I dont really know wad makes a Cannon and the Archdeacons or a Clergy... All i know is they're all a step above each other. Some churches may have Deans and some dont, i dont know why either. But once u're nominated and consecrated into the Bishop's Office, thats gonna be your tittle from that moment on no matter what. Even the Asst Bishops. But there can only be one Bishop at a time in a single Diocese. For example, the Diocese of West Malaysia, and the Diocese of Sabah. Archbishops on the other hand are incharge of each of their Province. For example, the Province of South east Asia. And the Highest honor would go to the ArchBishop of Canterbury. The dude in England as the Pope in Rome.

Another thing i really dont get is their Tittles. There are some which is..
Very Reverend.
Rt. Reverend.
Most Reverend.

Ven. Reverend.
Super Reverend.
Okie.. i got a lil carried away with the last one...LOL!

But by only those Tittles, we have to call em not by names but by their tittles. For example some we use "Your Excellency", And some we use "Your grace"...

Super complicated!! @_@!

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