Friday, November 21, 2008

Scrambled Eggs and Updates!!

There's nothing typical than having the old skool bread and butter for breakfast.. Ahh the old days are kickin in already. The very very "fond" memories of mom forcing those soft boiled eggs down my throat early in the morning and making me take em jam and bread to skool for the sole reason of "saving money". And to think that everything cost just under a ringgit and all i took to skool was RM1.50. Ahh.. those days! Nowadays breakfast cost well over Rm5 no matter where u go! Think about it...

Cup of starbucks: RM12
Treat of bread at old town: Rm5
Breakfast at Mcd's: Rm10

My oh my!! What is becoming of the world... :S

Hence forth, i prefer the golden days where i was young doing what i was told to. Okie... scratch the last part. The simple yet delicious cuisine and the wonders of the various choices of ways preparing your morning delight can provide. My pick, scrambled eggs and bacon is no.1 on my list. And in second would definitely be my yummy yucky soft boiled eggs. And to top everything off, my morning caffeine to get my day goin!!

I guess mum brot me up pretty well, i learnt to start saving cash wherever i go, i tend to think not only twice but a gazillion times over whether or not to get that big spender. That goes for my meal as well... Yeap!

To all my peeps, sorry been ditching yall lately! And YES, I've seriously been outta this world tied up with work. That aint no excuse alrite.. Yeah, i've been behind bars for the past couple of weeks taking my own sweet time off work, and started re-furnishing the whole house for the season of perpetual joy. I actually chose physical work rather than paper work in the office. That may seem weird of me but hey, at least im not dozing off on the clock.

The good news, im 90% done... And rite now all there is left is the clearing and the dustin. Worst of all, the headache comes whether or not to trash it all out or to keep it stacked up in the corner. Seems easy, but memories are hard to let go.


Caroling Practices has begun, and the old annual cheer is back. This year makes the change. The feeling aint ever gonna be the same. But Christmas is ever gonna be my favouritest holiday season of all time. Cant wait for caroling to start, the old hanging out with the gang till past midnite, and if we're lucky, there may be booze again! LOL! Hoping for something new, but traditions must be uphold!! Thus, i have yet to choose my very own Christmas jingle of this year! Wo0ts! Look out for it!

NExt year is gonna be a bz one. I've already gotten 4 invites to be the host for my "beloved" uni. Mostly related to the new intake of the year, January Orientation week.

1: For the orientation itself my partner will be Navin! Wo0ts! I get to bug her soul this time. Rite on stage!!

2: Ice Breaking which I am the Program Manager for the event. *So cracking my head on creating the events* and also the host.

3: I will be hosting a talk which will be going on later in the same week! *Woohoo, im thrilled! :S*

4: The most anticipated, Utar Idol which i will be hosting it with my old emcee partner, Samantha. Really had a blast in the previous Utar's Talent Nite. The Same Difference peformed "Im Yours" by Jason Mraz...*Clap clap clap!!* And the lead singer would ofcoz be none other than muah! Okok... Enough bangga-fying moments for one entry. LOL!

All this happening, ofcoz i cant be more xcited than starting my new sem soon! Really looking forward to digging into em books again. I know.. weird of me again. But what the heck, i want my uni life back!! Missing it! Missing my uni peeps! Missing my mamak session!

Thats all i have for now... Stay Tune!!

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