Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crappy Cabbies...

One of the dissadvantages of not owning a car especially in the bz streets of KL pays a lot more than having one. Dont see why? Let me explain...

If one is willing to take the bus (smt which i normally do), that means the willingness to sacrifice their time and effort and not to mention the tension to keep up with. Yet its the cheapest form of transportation there is.

If one takes the train, the effort and the tolerance (especially during the peak hours) and in certain occasions the tendency to have a "technical mealtdown" is the price to pay.

Now if one so happens to take a cab, that is totally on a different page. Recently i was dealt with a situation where no other transportation was available and hence, my budget out the window, i juz had to hitch a cab. Altho its more convenient and comfortable sitting at the back with a temporary driver of your own taking you to your destination, but the price to pay....

Much more than what my effort and tolerance i usually give is worth.

Most cab drivers nowadays set their own meter... Asking for a specific price rather than running the price by the mileage. And just when that gives a bad name to the other sincere drivers around, some follow what's written on the meter but this time its already been tempered with.

And just in with these new blue taxis so called "executive" on the road, they started having classes and grades on them? wth?!

Been riding cabs kinda often now and then and everytime i do, i take the inisiative to ignite a convo with em. What goes around comes around. If i treat them nicely, talk to em in a friendly manner, then i come to find out that in doing so, most of them tend to respect you as a fine customer and not wanting to ask more from you. Thru out my convos, i found out that...

They may be aware about charging us citizens more, but when it comes to tourists and outsiders, sad to say, they need not hesitate to ask for more. Even double the usually fare that goes around.

Class 1 - The blue executive ones which prices goes sky high in a single second.
Class 2 - The Waja Campro version which run by the sec! (I meant that quite literally)
Class 3 - The normal budget ones which always tries to get a lil more than they are suppose to from you.

I havent been a victim of the blue ones... but the Class 2 is already cut throat enough to charge me 7 TIMES more than i usually pay for. Not only that, the cabbie was totally bangga-fied with his ride and i really dont appreciate the useless flattery given for my money's worth. He was going on and on about how "prestigious" and "spacious" his ride is compared to other cabs around. And i was like "Hello, its still a goddamn malaysian made waja!!!" Whats there to be proud of man? U're charging me and bragging about your ride? My perception, just take the frigging fare and leave me alone to dwell on the frigging ungodly price!

So there you have it! Need i add more to why owning a ride of your own is much more worth while?

Take note, if any of yall ever come to a point where a cabbie ask for a specfic price. Do contact the LPKN and isssue a complaint against the driver and the number plate of the cab. For it is illegal to do so... The same goes to when you feel u've been cheated or riped off.


Ps. I kinda am addicted to Secret Recipe now...
Choc Mudpie Cake there rocks!!

Desperately wanting to watch MAx Payne at the movies rite now!

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jazz said...

hahaha i wonder y some1 addicted 2 SR mudpie.. lmao n yea the cab was dam annoying