Monday, November 17, 2008

The Great Escape!!

Kinda bored with a lot of things to do rite now and since i have nothing to blog about, Here's a random story made up of random words which comes straight to my head...

Journey Begins.

Trippin. Malibu mixes. Fizzy Cokes. Linguine Carbonaras. Cheating Cabbies. Waiting …Bus rides. Toileting. Romancing. Oversleeping. Reaching. Waiting. Doggies. Fluffy. Lady. Living room. Dozing. Knocked Out. Blankets. Pillows. Packing Beds. Waking ups. Milos. Smoochies. Showers.

Car rides. Seat Belts. Manual. Auto. Le Tours. Towns. Schools. Malls. Churches. Hill tops. Candles. Mosquitoes Bites. 10 Commandments. Brambus. Confession Chambers. Kang Fu Tong. Holly Water. Pictures. Jumping shots. Kissing Spots. 7-eleven. Slurrpee. Lychee. Skitles. Livita. Engine heat. Video. Passing cars. India. Bangla. Driving. Unstable. Parking. Brunch. Chicken. Tau fu. Curry. Black Sauce. Vege. Green Beans. Rice. Spillings. Hot water. Cold water. Basketball. Doggy Treats. Sit. Beg. Paw. Fetch. Highways. Shitty Smells. Bridges. Center Poles. Ships. Islands. Prisons. Resorts. Been heres. Familiar Places. Car Parks. Power Steerings. Tickets. G Hotel. Breeks. Diets. Self-starvation. Free Waters. Starbucks. Mocha Ice Blended. Choc Toppings. Weird Stares. Giordano. Clearance Sales. Coincidences. Hawker Stalls. Muar Chee. Wantan Mee. Fried Oyster. Tiny Tomatoes. Ice Lemon Tea. Fast Shitting (Plup plup plup), Lil girl. Speaking way too loud. Watsons. Batteries. Tissues. Massive Gasing.

Beach. Sands. Pampers. Popcorn. Surfer Dudes. Waves. Sea. Sea Shells. Camwhores. Skimpy Trunks. Jogging. Coconut Trees. Sand Sketches. White Beach Dresses. Bikinis. Board Shorts. Sunsets. Beach Blankets. Bond Fires. BBQ Dudes. Crab Holes. Night Creatures. Meals on the beach. Kissing on the beach. Walk on the beach. Chats on the beach. Music on the Beach. Huge Stones. Wishing Upon a shooting star. Moving Lights. Night Lights. Starry Skies. Blinking Lights. Heart to Heart Moments. Romanticos. Thai Music. Man Made Rocks. Parking Fee.

Parkroyal. Winding Roads. Speeding. Fast Busses. Road Side Stalls. Colorful Tricycles. Full House Pubs. Sharing Toilets. Narrow Roads. Strange freaky moments. U-turns. Weird Silence. Apologies. Forgiveness. Pier Clubs. Docking Bay. Photo Frenzy. Car Ques. The long wait. Stories from the past. Midnight Ferry Rides. Middle Finger. Speeding Boats. Crashing Waves. Windy Breeze.

Mainland. Clueless Turnings. Guessing Directions. Blinding Greens. Long lasting Reds. Auto City. Soho. Malibu on the Rocks. Techno Music. ‘Feng Tau’ Beats. Hilarious Dances. Chicken Head Moves. Cool Toilets. EPL Matches. Kes Panjang Umur. Car Blocks. Fashion Street. Mid Morning Mc’ds. Sudden Car Parks. Ahem-moments. Home Bounds. The river hints.

Burgers and Nuggets in Bed. Total Knocked Outs. Wasted Opportunities. Frustrations. Overslept. Showers. Packing. Regretful Deletes. Leave. The right songs. Lucky. I’m Yours. Breakfast. Dim Sum. The Panas. Iced Milo. Lou Mai Kai. Fried Wantans. Panther. Goodbyes.

Boarding Home. Romancing. Candid Shots. Sleeplessness. Pit stops. Toilet Breaks. Teasing Moments. Wall Drawings. Inmate Art. City Traffics. Halted Queues. Toilets Rushs. Dunkin Donuts. Burgers in Busses. Noisy Crowds.

Destination Complete.


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