Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My dearest "M"....

Your accusations towards me are increasingly senseless and pointless. What do you want from me that you have to take it all away and leave me in chains in the four walls you built around me? The world doesnt revolve around you nor does it to me. All i want is my part in the revolution. Is that so much to ask from you? My life taken for the sake of your pleasure is not yours to dictate. My life is all i have in this and it is mine to do as i please. Whatever you do for pleasure is none of my biz. Do not mix the differences of my responsiblilities and my freedom in a single jar. I'm doing more than i have on my plate as it is yet you do not see it. All you want is your freaking pleasure... Im doing more than my share around, and the other is doing nothing.


You point fingers around just so there is someone to blame, no doubt i get the most of your fury. I am the venue of faults. You cant keep doing this just because you can. I am really getting sick and tired of this. What made you this cold that i no longer tend to find warmth in? You said things which somehow find its way etch to the mellow pits of my sorrows.

"I dont know how long i have left and this is all i get! One day I wont be around anymore and there wont be anyone to do this! You want your life but what about my pleasure? You are all ungrateful, i slop and i come home to this!!"

First of all, you dont know shit about what i go thru everyday. You make as tho its the end of the freaking world that your day went wrong. The thing is, one day u'll come home to an empty place and your slave is no more. The one doing everything is gone and you'll have to do everything your own. When you get tired of doing things around by yourself mb you can start askin princess here to lift a fcuking finger and then see how far you relationship go. The only reason why im the one with the faults its because YOU DONT GIVE HER ANY TO FIND WITH!!! She's tame by the lack of exertion you provide her. You never ask her to do anything!!! When you do, we'll see how much strong your relationship is... She will get tired of you asking her to do work and you will get sick of her talkbacks and rude returns. I hope mb then you will start opening your clouded vision of favorites. But it will be too long too late for you to ask for my forgiveness. It isnt me... You are the current drifting my away. And its time for me to jump before i reach the end of the river.

The humidity of the weather is beyond my control. Stop blaming me for why is it too stuffy around!! You cant just scold me for the work in progress either... In this period have a lil more brains to think for a sec will you? This freaking place is too small. In order for me to clear the way for the work to be done, the things will have to go somewhere else first. And im sure you are aware, im doing all this by myself? Oh, and a lil rest day is all i need. You dont have to show your bloody black face just cause im home after the time you set for me. Even if its a free day for me, you still try so hard to get me under your commands. You no longer have that authority over me. Its because i no longer give you the right to do so...

My responsibilities are my anchor yet i stay behind and i run it. You two cant even carry it out what more to say when im doing it by myself? When im gone, there's no turning back. My responsibilities is all thats keeping me here. Remember that....

So, all i need is mb a pat on the back once in a while.
A lil appreciation and understanding mite help.

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