Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was either the tittle above or Halo-vali...
Doesnt make any sense!!! :s

The festival of light is upon us people!! Out comes the spicy curry, murukus, papadams, indian biskuts and the best nasi briyani open houses has to offer. And we as Malaysians, the saying always goes...
Bersatu padu dalam segalanya!!

So the best thing about the our country is the cuti oso bersatu padu, making the whole year round filled with holiday patches on the calendar. My Deepavali celebration went well, nothing but the tradisional open houses and the ever 'in-fashion' jalan jalan around malls. And here are some pickies from the outting with Snuckums at 1utama.
This was the only Deepavali deco we found. A friggin huge bird..

For lunch Snuckums had her never changing italian cuisine

And i had my never changing Malaysian Cuisine... Curry Laksa.
She's stealing some of mine!!

We ate at Charms, located on the top floor of new wing. Its in the middle of everything, and on your left, you see shops like Extreme, Tropicana, Zero Hour and etc. Basically Teen stuff. We come to find that it wasnt such a bad place after all. The food was good!! Especially Snuckum's Carbonara. And we had a sudden crave for ice blended stuff with whipped cream toppings. I dont see anything to do with the festival but oh wth, we most probably got tired of all the teh tarik kau and milo ice. Later we hit the cinemas and watched Eagle Eye. I'll blog about that later and after the movie, we went scouting around for snuckums' slippers which she needed desperately since her heels hurt like hell. While walking around we had to take a detour to the so called indoor park in 1U. It was a lil tiny for a park but the aquarium there was cool.

It was kinda dark in there so the camera could only capture the white fishies! LOL!

They were having a Halloween frenzy, it was way awesome!! The deco there were so much more better than just a friggin huge bird. So we took the opportunity to do what we do best. CAMWHORIN!! woots! I dont really do Halloween very often, infact i dont do it at all. But at this moment, i suddenly felt compelled to feel the spirit of halloween in me. So much so i wanted to get a costume. LOL!

I was too attached to this pumpkin!!

Snuckums posing with the Tiang Lampu... LOL!

Scarecrow with a smile? Xmeaning!!

Burung gagak tua... LAlalala!!

I guess my time is up!!

We had a gory-fied time!!

Snuckums talking to Hotmama! while i took the chance to snap SNAP sNaP!!

At the end of the day, we got hungry again, and we were desperately clueless of where to find chum so we juz looked for the most crowded place there. WAFFLE WORLD!!! By the name itself, we could see that the main course is ofcourse the desert but I ordered a dog and snuckums kept her craves for italiano! When our orders arrive, i was like "WHoah!!" That was d-LARGEST dog i've ever seen! not to mention they had a 1-foot long dog on the menus. Was finding it tough to whack it all in me mouth all at once. LOL!
We were bored waiting for our food la...

The food was i can say pretty average, but the desert was outta this world. But in the end, i cant agree more with their theme. To sum up my day and the time i had...

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