Saturday, September 6, 2008

The faLLen mE...

Now that the dust has settled,
I see the truth in all comes clear,
All thats been goin on behind me,
Talks and whispers screaming loud its cheer

You speak as tho u know me,
Nothing can beat your boastful cries,
Your words as sharp as a spear,
Cutting thru my lifeless body as my soul dies

Time waits for nobody,
and all i did was juz stood by,
Watching the life in me gone drained,
Justifying nothing in me thats worthy

Runing, walking, pacing, crawling,
I ache my feet to the shattered bones i feel,
The pain and anguish all around,
Off from my skin i can never peel

The time draws close,
By the moment each day hauling it nearer,
I sit back n i can wait no more,
The time is now or never

The sun glooms far away distant,
Yet from no where it draws its light,
it lives to serve its purpose,
Tears of the sun shines bright

Bewitched bothered and Bewildered,
I was by your grace,
Its time to finally step up once again,
and run my life to its unchanging pace

I am the one who defines me,
No body, no soul, no entity,
Can take that away from me,
For I aM wh0 i Am with my own personality

This is a chapter of my life's endeavor,
It's me against Lucifer,
With GOD by my side, i surrender it all to him,
Rising the Fallen me with his scepter.....

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