Friday, September 26, 2008

Staring at a blank screen... *aint good*

For the first time ever, i dont know wad to write.
But i feel the need to write something.
So here goes nothing... *i meant that quite literally*

I dont know what's goin on. With me, with her, with just about anybody... It's like everyone is so damn utterly disconnected and separated from each other. I dont feel like im needed anymore nor does anyone needs or heeds anybody these days. It's like i jumped into a vortex and ended up in a totally different dimension which is in the same place, same people, different bunch of arses. Everybody changed. Just not physically.

Frustrated. Dissappointed. Aggravated. Bothered. Annoyed

Been this way for the past week. Make that a few weeks... Lonely and abondoned is the word for it. Tho having people around me, but as i said, i am not needed. No one gives a F these days.


Been and still am tryin to quit with all the cursing and my vulgarity.

So the words i limit myself to is:
-> Shit
-> Crap
-> The letter F
-> Bloody
-> Damn
The basic stuff la. Trying to really cut down. Be a better person. Not for anyone. But for my own self...
Just me.

But if you're asking me, i know a few other people who really shud. Infact the whole world should. Woudn't the world be a better place then? You see, Crapping already. So, to those who think im talking about cha here. *Hint hint*


I finally got the chance to talk to Ellana... It was good to hear her voice once again and talked just as frens... Tho there were awkward silences and angels passing moments, it was good. I hope she's not mad still. Was really a jerk back then. But then we all need a wake up call rite? So yeah, we're letting go of the past and healing from the wounds. Good to know we're both moving on and along quite well. I wonder if she'll ever forgive me after all that i've done. I wish her well in all that she does and in life. Miss you lots E.


That said....

Talked to my baby as well... She's having probs of her own rite now, i dont dare put my load on her as she has her own burdens to carry. I just wish that i could be rite there to comfort her and to tell her in person that everything's gonna be alrite. It kills me to know that i cant do anything here to make her feel better. Distance DOES make the heart grow fonder. Im wishing her the best in all that she encounters and that she may cope well with wateva's goin on.

Be strong, patient, calm and just take it easy.

Treat it as a roadblock, a test by GOD to let you know that you still need him in your life. Pray about it, as i will be praying for ya. I always have this phrase on my mind in times like this...

Tough times dont last, But tough people do....

Will always be there for ya...

You got me....

She's been ignoring me later today. Was wondering why. Sumhow i knew it had something to do with wad i did earlier. I am truly and sincerely sorry. It wasnt any of my intentions to make you feel that way. I mean, what was i thinking? But im glad things went its course, and that we talked about it. It seems a lil more clearer and stress free now that everything's out in the open.


Was so damn bored i turned to my Playstation 2 for entertainment. Seriously i find all my games damn friggin outdated.

As you can see, i NEED to update my games!

So thought i juz try out GTA and most wanted... AGAIN!
*notice that there's only one controler? Sobs*

Next on my list:
Go shopping for more games!!


Was screwing around with my blog and i recently added this Blogger Following function/feature.

It lets you stay updated with your favorite blogs right from your Blogger dashboard. By following your blog, your readers tell you and the world that they’re a fan of what you post. Your Dashboard now shows you how many followers each of your blogs has. With a click on the Followers icon, you can browse your followers, see what blogs they write, and read the other blogs they’re following.

Ok, u got me... i copied and pasted that. Damn lazy to type it all out wei. So neways, if you guys are interested or find my blog interesting and worth while your time to read, do follow me on. The link to click is on my right side bar. The bottom-est column. Guess i'll be back with other stuff which i hope is worth more than nothing. hehehe.

So guess that's pretty much it for now... Like i said, here goes nothing. So nothing is all i wrote. Going off now. Nothing to crap about ady.

Nothingness is all i feel.

p.s. Notice for the first time, no title...??

Dont really give a bahoonas arse!

>>>Add "arse" to my list of allowed swearing<<<

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