Saturday, September 6, 2008

That saturday morning....

As i gain consciousness,
the day's perception catches up to me,
and as i notice my time is coming,
it draws near to me as a hunter to its prey,
Creeping its claws, gripping and never let go,
Insecurity overwhelms me like a tide of waves crashing my thoughts away,
Capitulating me as i remain laying lifeless,
Motionless in the mids of the cold heartless breeze,


My phone rings
I see your name on the caller ID,
And all of a sudden, everything juz seems so clear,
My world of black n white burst into billions of colorful pixels,
I feel lighter, as tho my burdened shoulders are lifted high up,
As i hear your voice, my heartbeat find its rhythm to match it,
My thoughts, i let drift away, swept by the currents now steady and calming still,
As i look from the future to this day,
I will know that all this happened,

On that Saturday Morning...

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