Sunday, September 28, 2008

The fiRst oF aN eTeRnitY...


Today dated the most prominent event which happened exactly a month ago.

If you ask me to sum up the previous month into juz ONE word, Dang! Why the heck should I? After much thinking and self debating, why choose just ONE? When you can do more with many others. So, back to the question, my previous month? Was none other than a remarkably fantastic, sensationally astounding and increadible time of my life. If you're wondering why, well.. You guys juz have to take a lil journey down back in time in memory lane, just a simple scroll down to one of my previous posts. hehehe!

Dont know if you guys know this but here are some dates to remember!

23.08.08 - Church!
25.08.08 - Mamak!
26.08.08 - Movies!
27.08.08 - Muaks!

- 28.08.08 -

I just wanna add a few videos which i think is related to my current situation rite now.

Dont let their name fool you, their songs are cool.
Andra and the Backbone - Sempurna

"Kau adalah darahku,
Kau adalah jantungku,
Kau adalah hidupku, lengkapi diriku,
Oh sayang, engkau begitu

It's pretty outdated but still feeeeeeling!!
Ryan Cabrera - It's You

"I'm standing before you with this label on my head,
I'm pleading before you for you to understand,
Baby it's you,
When i look up in the sky, i see you,
And then i turn and close my eyes and its you.
When i'm sitting all alone in my room,
Everything reminds me of you..."


Was bored in church today, so i ended up coming up with this crap.
Totally a spur of the moment.
So im not suprise if u guys have read better ones...
But here goes...

The Sun is shining,
The River Flows,
The Birds are singing,
All to drown out your sorrows...

Drops of rain drips its soaking reign,
It swarms over an entire district,
To wash away the passings of yesterday,
A new beginning now we pick...

WAKE UP! i've been laying here,
MAKE HASTE! i've been standing aground,
LEAP! i've been up afloat,
LEAVE! I am homeward bound...


Thats it!!
Cant think of anything else to add.
So00o0o need sleep wei..
Only had an hour of sleep for two nights continuously.
And no i did not sleep in the afternoon.
Plus wad makes it worst is that im starting work tmr.
My first day on the job and as of now, i only have 5hours to sleep.
That means i only took 7hours of sleep for 3days!
Dont wanna be a walking zombie tmr again.
Oh and before i go....

GLorY gLorY ManCheSteR uNiTeD!!!

They won yesterday against Bolton Wanderers
Final Score: 2-0
Goal Scorers: Ronaldo C. Rooney W.

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