Saturday, September 20, 2008

fRuStrati0nS Part 3 - The eNd!!!

Alrite.... after all thats been said. I juz have one word in my mind!!


Exams are officially over! Been reading a lot of blogs lately and notice most of em are basically the same as wad's gonna be in here. Screwing the exams up and shitting the fella-ing all over! LOL! But i cant deny, been studying alot.. Mostly last minute. But what the heck, i STUDIED!! N rite now the post-examination effect is stil going on in my room!

Berselerak to the max!!

Tho it seems that i have all the time in the world rite now, but i really dont. Been doing loadsa cleaning lately around the house. N then again.. there's always the forsaken work -> CHORES! In the end, cant do shit about my own room. The thing that im glad about is T-G-E-I-O!!
Thank God Exam Is Over!!

Good bye:
-> Late nights!!
-> BookS!!
-> Panda Eyes!!
-> Classes!!
-> Skrewed up lecturers!!
-> Caffeine!!
-> Stress!!
-> Ass-ignments!!
-> Presentations!!
-> President's List!!
-> n other shit stuff!!

Believe it or not... half of this was consumed overnite!!

Me alternative to Energy drinks, SWEETS!!!

So, what can i say about the laz 2 papers, pretty much skrewed up Cultural and Religious Practices paper, but i hope to do better in Intro to Advertising... Gosh, i know i could do better than this!!

Malaysia: Cultural and Religious Practices...
Altho i really really dont understand wad the lecturer is yapping about in class most of the time due to all the mumbo jumbo mumbling and unheard of words, at least she knows wad she's teaching and comes to class well prepared! Introducin Ms Ira Meilita!! The tips given were damn exact wei... Sad to say didnt study proply for this paper... How i think i did in it? Im hoping to score a B grade la... haihhz! The paper was separated into 2 sections: Section A, Short Answer and Section B, ESSAY!! Im really hating essays now wei... Can say that i knew the answer to all the questions, but the only shit part of it all is that i cudnt elaborate much on the points i have. Which is pretty critical based on the marks allocated to the given questions! Ouch!! i know! hurts like shit... So wad did i do? Easy... CRAP!! N i do mean A LOT OF CRAP!! The funniest part of the paper was when i was staring blankly around the exam hall, i saw:

Adrian: Dozy off with his mouth terngange!!
JImmy: Doing nothing...
Everybody else: Bz writing crap as well...

N thats it for Cultural!!

Intro to Advertising...
1st of all, the COOLEST lecturer ever in utar!! With common terms like "monkeys" and "kampung mari", Mr Lim Soo jin is one of the easy going type of lecturer. Plus, the way he teaches is sooo the cool. Relating it to us students *which all the lectueres should do* and the attraction factor always present, Guaranteed! Sleepiness free!! Yeah so the paper was okie i guess.. Trust me, after going thru some other crap papers like MMS and Cultural, it was certainly cool to end with a good feeling. There were 3 sections of the paper: Section A was MCQ which i finished in 5minutes... Section B was ESSAYS!! haihz... Again.. HAting em essays!! n last but not least, Section C, creating a new advertisement for some ice cream company... To tell you the truth, i was pretty much freaking out for that part... But in the end, did the part in 20minutes! its a good sign btw... Gosh, felt like im back in kindergarden... had to draw human sticks! u know em sticks for the arms and legs and a huge ball for the head? It was part of our work la, i had to create a whole TVC commercial for it.. In the end target grade: A!! hehehe

That's a rep for this sem ladies n gent!! See you nex sem! hehehe!!

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