Monday, September 29, 2008

VoCati0naL eXeRtioN...

Yeap, so its my first day on the job...
Basically thats all i plan to say...
Nothing is coming to my head rite now.
Its so the STONED!!
Been singing this song in my head all day!!
Dunno y..
So i guess i'll juz let yall have a listen....

Jimmy Eat World - Work

It's my first day of work, and my desk is already like this :S

Who knew there's a golf course rite outside..
if im bored, sure!! i'll juz look outside and watch boring ppl play the boring-est game ever!
I am soo0o0 excited!

Here's another view from the office..
Great! Now when i look this way, all i see is constuction!
A perfect way to de-stress...

Everybody gotta have a winning plan rite?
Thats how successful people become SUC-cessful...

Aint no shame learning this way...
Everybody gotta start from scratch rite?

Work stress pilling up already....

Thank GOD for caffeine!!!

When you fall, all u can do is pick ur arse up and get back on the blooming bike!
Yeah! like i have a choice!!

Feels like school all over!!
Yup, that's wad sem breaks are for rite?

No matter wad, I've gotta prove myself worthy!!
HardworkingnesS, Aho0o0Y!!!!

-I will sUrViVe-

The day was so "HUHU-fied". Why? Coz with only 4 hours of sleep, it really doesnt make up for it. And the previous days b4 that, with only 1 (ONE) hour of sleep to last for 2 days? Whoah, one doesnt need to be Einstein to figure out that the balance of equality is totally out. I seriously dozed off one too many times at my desk. Even before lunchtime, i already jug down 2 mugs of coffee! Wished i had redbull, but there werent any 7-11 in sight! Even kedai runcit pun elek!! So had to settle for the next best thing... CAFFEINE!

The place is called Phileo Damansara, it's near Eastin Hotel (literally jus next door), PJ. So the corporate like man, everybody there was in shirt and tie and crappy classy stuff. Even cars there are BMWs and Merc. O-M-G!! Its like their hang out spot of the "Burn My Wallets" and the Merces!! But me, i was juz in jeans and a polo shirt and my roti banjir in the morning... Cant help being the black sheep. As always la. LOL!

So wad i need to do is gather information about specific local industries, run some research on em, basically know as much of them as i can. And today being my 1st day, i was given a whole task of researching the Traveling agencies in the whole of KL! To my freaking kahoonas suprise, there are thousands of agencies like that in KL!! Yeah, the most i could do today is just a mere 250 companies... I guess the phrase: "Taking baby steps" really does apply here. Lil to my attention did i know that im gonna be calling every single one soon.

My expression:

But the fun part of it all is that the names i come across when i run my research is seriously UNSERIOUS!! I mean come on man, who's sir name goes "LA"? Imagine, Mr. Stephen La? LOL!! OWh and the rich and the royal really gotta work on their names too. The companies i looked up on has COO's and CEO, Directors, Managers etc who has freaking stuck up names wei. Take for example. Who the fella has a name with the word "Tunku" repeated 3 times in his name? Aint that kinda literally cries out DESPERATION out in the open? It should be a crime in progress! Why isnt the ISA doing anything about that? LMAO!!!! With entics like that, am looking forward to em biz calls. hehehe!!!

So that was Day 1 of working life!!
Tmr starts a new day, meaning...
A new HELL awaits!!

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