Saturday, September 13, 2008

FruStratioNs paRt 2...

Well, its the end of the week, also the end of exam days 1, 2, and 3... There's still 4 and 5 to go... But at least the hard part is OVER!!! Specifically speaking Mass Media and Society (MMS)!! Woots!

Day 2 of Exams!! (still dreading it)

The paper, MMS!! Everyone was freaking out before the exam! N even wit the very PRECISE tips given, everybody still find the paper hard.. as for me, i barely touched A WHOLE ESSAY!! That means 25 marks juz flew outta the window! Plus, really had a tough time with the lecturer/tutor this sem in that subject. I find her a lil lazy to begin with. She aint prepared for her lectures and she is often late for classes. Her slides also copyright from the previous lecturer (Mr Ben who is now with Taylor's, wishing him well there.) And worst case is that our coursework marks only got posted after the exams! Tho i got the highest in the tutorial class (yeah, im perasan-ing) i shud say her judgement and allocation of marks are pretty much skrewed up!!! I mean come on man, the other class (with another tutor) had a higher average coursework marks. It simply seem unfair to those members is my class who worked their ass off with the many many assignments this sem to get so little for the effort they have contributed for the sole purose of excelling in their studies! The most 'interesting' fact is that, most of the students link me as her "MOST FAV STUDENT" in class. Tho i cant deny the fact that my name was called out the most (sometimes the ONLY name being called out) in class.. Damn malu-fied wei... As of now, the lecturer is no longer with UTAR (the reasons, UNKNOWN!) Guess the batch after us is lucky enuf not to have her.

Day 3 of Exams (wad's after dreading? yeah... that!)

The paper, English for Mass Comm. Tho it was a no brainer (thats wad i tot at first) and there's nothing much to study oso (since its basically english). Let's juz say that ENGLISH WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! I personally felt that the given 2hours to complete the major task of the exam was inadequate~! There was 3 sections in the exam (all of em was essay related) Essays! Im beginning to dread em til the day i fall 7 feet below! Section A, Literature Review, can pretty much say that it was the KILLER part of the paper coz we had to read 2 FREAKING long articles and analyze em and summarize it to be another essay (HELLO!! x meaningness!!) Anyways, Section B was LETTER TO THE EDITOR, i did this section the last with only 15 friggin minutes left. Rush like shit. Cant even remember wad i wrote there. Its like the words din even reach my mind and straight to my fingers and onto the paper! RushingNESS!! As soon as i was asked to put down my pen n stop writing, i juz started my conclusion, and within that miniscule of a minute from the time it takes for em to walk from the stage to me, im glad to say, I FINISHED IT!!! tho i didnt count how many words there was. and last but not least Section C, Letter of invitation. did this 1st before i moved on to the section A. This was alrite i guess. Took me half an hour to complete it. Tho i didnt have time in the end to re-check my work. Haihhz! So anyways, i got this lecturer/tutor which actually speaks damn AUSSIE-FIED english wei... Tho 1st impressions of him is a total disaster. He has a so called "Ah beng" look la... Damn chinese face. hahaha... *evil grins* All i can say abt him is a totally COMMITED and well ORGANIZED fellow la... Tho he totally look down on us during lectures. Note to public: We BC ppl aint that dumb! We know wads a FIRETRUCK for god's sake!!

All in all, I cud say this....
ShiT haPpeNs!!

So anyways, exams really worked us BC ppl to the max.
Adrian seems to have a weird "Exam hairdo" according to him.
Which is not really a pretty sight la...
*cant put up his pic for viewers discreation reasons*
Jimmy is still relaxing as tho we're already holiday-ing...
Oh wait, speaking abt BC ppl, some one is celebrating her Birthday today!!
Helen: The birthday gurl who has a paper today!!
sadness kes la...neways wish her all the best!


There is still Day 4 and 5 of exams!
Coming soon:
FruStRatioNs Part 3 and 4!!

Till then, I will keep on Surviving~!

-dC Balboa-

*Huge laughs!!*


Baby S said...

Hahahahah now only I noticed that theres a picture of such a hot girl in your blog. Oh my! ahahahaha

dC-t0-the-w0rLd said...

eleh!! perasan kes!!!
hahaha. Neways, happy birthday "hot girl"!