Sunday, September 14, 2008

oNe heLLuva eXpeRieNce!!!

A day of random madness, add in a lil classy restaurant, plus two out of the ordinary bunch of human beings... Whoala!!! AwEs0mEnesS!!! Introducin to yall, The C. Club!! A place where passion meets a taste of classy-ness! Located in the heart of BB area in Pavilion, this is a double storey shop lot where the 1st level has a breath taking display of jewelery and jewelery only (think its on sale but who cares!) and the upper level is the dining area. The choice is yours to either have a good view of the BB area and its ever honking traffic from the balcony up above or juz have the same old same old dining experience indoors. As long as u got the cash for a huge tip, then nothing shud be in ur way to this "fiiiiiiine" dining place.

Check out the interior in the dining area!!

My personal fav, The BAR!!!

-Enjoying me fruit punch-

His so called "Permed Hairdo" la kononnye!

Silence!! I Kill you!!! hehhee!

Watcha looking at huh?

They were gaduh-ing.. wad la!

She was merajuking still!!

But then, they got back together... Aww! happy ending! *Clap clap!*

Wad la... havent seen a drink b4 izzit?

Finally!! the long wait, Food is SERVED!!

Guess this fella here cannot tahan.. Terpakse batal puase! muahaha!

This was none other than an excellent experience. An afternoon delight with sis and Diksha and then a lil shopping around Pavilion, Sg wang, and Low Yat Plaza to keep the weight under control there. A perfect midday meal goes with some straineous work out of SHOPPING!

Oh, n i shud point out, the bill was *Drum Roll*
Cha ching!! RM 188.60!!!

When it was time to go, and when u think the day was too good to be true, well yeah! Guess agaiN! It was pouring cats and dogs and elephants outside and the worst part of it all was that the car was parked in another building. I know this is gonna sound really gurlified, but me n diksha both wore our new "ice creams"!!! Damn sakit hati wei wanna run in the rain. hahaha!! So we waited and me got us a drink and lepak summore in the food court. Finally when the rain settled down a lil, we decided we were juz too friggin tired to care abt the rain and picked up the courage to get our shoes wet... :'( Dont worry, it didnt get wet. N no, this aint the end juz yet.. after finally getting back to Sg wang (where the car was), all of us forgot where we parked the car!!! Alamakz!! So wad do we do, since we know it was parked near nandos, we had to walk out again in the friggin rain, found nandos and only got dumbstruck to know that the car was only a level above where we were searching for... Sigh!
So let me summarize it all for ya....

3 Human being
Great food
ice creams
HeLLuva ExpeRience!!!

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